foundation for oily and problematic skin

For women who experience frequent rashes and irritation on the face, combined with too active work of the sebaceous glands, it is quite difficult to choose decorative cosmetics. A foundation for oily and problematic skin should not only hide its imperfections with high quality, but also absorb the secret secreted by the pores for a long time, mattify well and prevent the appearance of shine.

Rating of tonal creams and foundations for problematic oily skin

Pharmaceutical cosmetics and professional luxury products cope with the tasks most effectively. TOP 10 best tonal coatings for skin with imperfections and excessive activity of the sebaceous glands:

  1. Victoria Shu Ideal Matte & Cover.
  2. Guerlain Tenue de Perfection.
  3. Yves Saint Laurent Teint Radiance.
  4. Clarins Teint Eclat Mat.
  5. Dior Diorskin Sculpt.
  6. Chanel Teint Innocence.
  7. Yves Saint Laurent Perfect Touch.
  8. Clinique Anti-Blemish Solution.
  9. L’Oreal Mat’Morphose.
  10. Estee Lauder Enlighten.

Inexpensive persistent tonal creams and bases for oily problem skin

Luxury cosmetics are not available to every woman, fortunately, there are also many worthy and high-quality foundation creams in the lines of brands for the mass market:

  • Max Factor Facelinity 3 in 1;
  • Borjois 1 2 3 Perfect;
  • Maybelline Affinitone 24h;
  • Artdeco Long-Lasting Foundation;
  • Max Factor 2nd Skin;
  • Borjois Healthy Mix;
  • Maybelline Affinimat;
  • Rimmel Foundation Match Perfection;
  • L’Oréal Alliance Perfect;
  • Maybelline Better Skin Superstay.

When choosing decorative cosmetics, it is important for owners of a problematic epidermis with a tendency to oiliness to pay attention to the composition of the concealer. It is desirable that it does not contain mineral and essential oils and silicones, these components can clog pores, provoke the appearance of comedones and inflammation.