flower tattoo

A flower-shaped tattoo is a purely feminine type of tattoo, which is the most popular and versatile. Each girl will be able to choose for herself a suitable type of flower that will decorate her body, allow her to look stylish and sexy, and express her individuality. But, besides this, it is worth considering that each of the types of flowers carries its own individual semantic connotation.

Flowers tattoo meaning

Most of the colors in the cultures of different peoples are not only the personification of nature, but are also filled with many different meanings. This is due to the fact that the image of any flower evokes certain associations. In most cases, flowers are associated with life, beauty, joy, warmth. Many of the flowering plants have healing properties, which is also reflected in their symbolism.

The color of the flower also matters. For example, white symbolizes purity, while red is a symbol of passion, in some cases symbolizing the blood of Christ.

Here are the meanings of some flowers that are often used to create a tattoo.


A tattoo with a yellow dandelion flower represents purposefulness, love of life, lightness and joy. Such a tattoo is great for positive, optimistic girls who love life in all its manifestations. A faded, “bald” dandelion is a symbol of sadness, sadness, a feeling of the end of life. If a dandelion with fluffy parachutes blown away by the wind is depicted on the girl’s body, then such a person can be described as a romantic nature, immersed in her fantasies.


A tattoo in the form of a lotus flower has a multifaceted meaning, at the same time symbolizing life and death, peace and tranquility, spiritual growth, divine birth, immortality, light, beauty, purity, happiness, etc. This flower, striving for the sun, grows through silt and mud, overcomes the barrier of swampy water to show its tenderness and splendor, therefore, in many cultures, the lotus is associated with the pursuit of the highest.


First of all, a rose tattoo is associated with love, and this is eternal, inexhaustible, devoted and pure love. Also, this flower symbolizes unattainable beauty, which cannot be approached without being hurt by sharp thorns. For Christians, the rose is a symbol of the sacrifice of Christ, and for the ancient Romans, it was associated with a mystery. The black rose is a symbol of sadness, grief, unfulfilled desires and unrequited love.


Since ancient times, this flower represents such qualities as nobility, pride, greatness, glory and innocence. This is a sign of purity and peace, a female symbol associated with youth, modesty, tenderness. A tattoo with a white lily usually means the sinlessness of the soul, with a yellow one – arrogance and impregnability, with an orange one – independence, with a pink one – tenderness, with a dark one – passion. However, in the Middle Ages, girls of easy virtue were branded with a lily on their shoulder, which should not be forgotten.


A tattoo with a chamomile flower symbolizes the sun, warmth, youth, cheerfulness. Such a wearable pattern is ideal for a sociable, positive, kind and simple girl who appreciates loyalty and openness of feelings. It is also believed that a chamomile tattoo will bring good luck to its owner.

Choosing a place for a flower tattoo

The image of a flower will look great on absolutely any part of the body. The most popular female flower tattoos are on the back (lower back, shoulder blade), on the arm, on the leg, and also in the lower abdomen.

When choosing a place for tattooing, you should pay attention to such points:

  1. Should the tattoo be publicly visible or not.
  2. Whether the pattern will be distorted when moving due to stretching of the skin or as a result of physiological changes (for example, due to weight fluctuations).
  3. Pain sensations. Some areas of the body are very sensitive (for example, those located closer to the bone or containing many nerve endings), so you need to be prepared for discomfort during the procedure.