Feng Shui manicure - 16 photos of energy nail art

The Taoist practice of using qi energy flows for your own benefit has also found application in nail art. According to the teachings of Feng Shui (Pinyin), each finger is responsible for specific emotions and events, so the design of nails can have a huge impact on a woman’s life. Properly performed manicure will ensure success in business, prosperity and good luck in love.

How to determine the element in feng shui?

The basis of this practice is a system of five elements:

  • water;
  • the fire;
  • wood;
  • metal;
  • Earth.

The element of Feng Shui is determined by the last digit of the year of birth of a person. The only caveat is that for women born between January 1 and February 20, one must be subtracted from the resulting number. For example, if the date of birth is 06/11/1985, then the required number will be 5. It will serve as a “determinant” of the personal feng shui element. In the case of the date of birth 02/10/1985, the required number is 4.

Depending on the received figure, its own element is found out:

  • 0, 1 – metal;
  • 2, 3 – water;
  • 4, 5 – tree;
  • 6, 7 – fire;
  • 8, 9 – earth.

How to paint nails according to Feng Shui?

In order to perform organic nail art, and to favorably adjust the flow of qi energy, attention should be paid to several aspects. How to paint your nails according to Feng Shui:

  1. Make a neat and thorough manicure. Choose the shape of the nail plates that suits your personal element.
  2. Prepare varnishes of such colors and shades that correspond to a certain element.
  3. Choose drawings that suit your own element and serve the intended purpose.

feng shui nail shape

To create harmony, it is important to properly file the horn plates and give them the desired length. Feng Shui manicure should be neat and clean, with a smooth and polished surface. The shape should be selected not only in accordance with the size of the fingers and personal preferences, but also in accordance with their own element. Feng Shui nails depending on the element:

  • tree – oval with rounded edges, medium length;
  • metal – a long rectangle;
  • fire – stylet or square with sharp corners;
  • water – a short rectangle with beveled edges;
  • earth – circle or square with obtuse corners, medium length.

feng shui nail color

The element also determines the shades in which it is recommended to perform nail art. Feng Shui nail coating requires matching colors and a personal element:

feng shui nail color

  • fire – the whole red palette, gold, purple;
  • tree – green, heavenly, black;
  • water – blue, light blue, white;
  • metal – yellow, white, brown, silver;
  • earth – pink, beige, sand.

You do not need to cover all the nails with a suitable shade of the elements. There are certain rules according to which a Feng Shui manicure is done – which fingers to allocate to achieve a specific goal, is discussed below. Before applying varnish, you should first select patterns that will help create a harmonious nail art and achieve your goal.

feng shui nail art

The most popular option for decorating a manicure is writing hieroglyphs. This Feng Shui nail design is chosen depending on the desires and goals of the woman. It is necessary to find a hieroglyph with the required meaning (money, love, luck, health, etc.) and carefully apply it to the base shade using a thin brush and a contrasting color of varnish.

You can perform a Feng Shui manicure with a pattern corresponding to your personal element:

  • earth – landscapes, stone patterns, imitation of sand;
  • fire – flames, sun, stripes, bright flowers, fire, rays;
  • water – algae, sea or ocean, fish;
  • tree – branches, birds, butterflies, flowers, cobwebs;
  • metal – stars, abstraction, space, planets, geometry.

Feng Shui manicure – which fingers to paint?

Feng Shui manicure which fingers to paint

Having chosen the shape of the plates, the correct shades of varnish and drawings, you should correctly place the accents. Without knowing which nails to highlight according to Feng Shui, it is difficult to attract the desired events. To direct energy flows in the right direction, you need to remember what each area on the left and right hand is responsible for. Feng Shui nails – meaning of fingers:

  1. Big. The right hand is success in intellectual activity, good luck in business, victories, discoveries. Sometimes responsible for minor mistakes and miscalculations. Left hand – vain hopes and labors, misunderstandings, worries.
  2. Pointing. Right hand – selfishness, materialism, dissatisfaction with oneself. Often – exactingness to others. Left hand – unjustified risk, injury, self-doubt.
  3. Average. Right hand – dissatisfaction in sexual life. Responsible for negativity, quarrels, anger, resentment. Left hand – sensuality, vulnerability, sophistication and femininity.
  4. Nameless. Right hand – new romantic acquaintances, love, erotic adventures. May be responsible for friendships and important business alliances. Left hand – separation, loneliness, disappointment, regret and sadness.
  5. Little finger. The right hand is peace of mind, peace, prosperity and harmony. Responsible for family ties, consent in marriage. Left hand – gossip, pretense, betrayal, deceit and loss.

Feng Shui manicure to attract money

Qi flow experts teach that a person receives energy with the hand closest to the heart, and gives it away with the right hand. Feng Shui money manicure involves the selection of just a few fingers – the thumb, middle and little fingers, sometimes the index finger. The emphasis is preferably on the right hand, because people get what they give, but in an increased amount.

The most favorable shades for attracting financial success are turquoise and gold, beige. Masters often make multi-colored “money” Feng Shui nails – the photos below show successful combinations of varnishes. You can decorate nail art with such accessories and drawings:

  • hieroglyph “wealth”;
  • sequins;
  • finely chopped banknote;
  • stickers and drawings in the form of coins, banknotes;
  • dollar, euro or other money signs icon.

feng shui manicure to attract moneyfeng shui manicure to attract moneyfeng shui manicure to attract money threefeng shui manicure to attract money fourfeng shui manicure to attract money five

Feng Shui manicure to attract love

Oriental nail art will also help to let romance into your life and find the “handsome prince”. It is important to paint your nails according to Feng Shui correctly – the meaning of each finger on the left and right hand must be carefully studied. Experts advise to make only 3 accents in manicure:

  • middle finger on the left hand;
  • ring finger and little finger on the right.

Feng Shui love manicure requires bright, attractive colors, all shades of red and pink, purple will do. As decorations are recommended:

feng shui manicure to attract loveFeng shui manicure to attract loveFeng shui manicure to attract love threeFeng shui manicure to attract love fourFeng shui manicure to attract love five

Feng Shui good luck manicure

To attract fortune, you need to focus on the thumb or ring finger of the right hand. Such a selection of nails according to Feng Shui helps to achieve success in all endeavors, to avoid minor setbacks and unfavorable circumstances. White is considered the optimal color for “successful” nail art, because it combines all other shades. Black varnish can enhance its effect, as a symbol of power and influence. A beautiful Feng Shui manicure is easy to decorate with the following patterns and accessories:

  • shimmer;
  • drawing of a horseshoe, clover, crown;
  • hieroglyph “good luck”;
  • rhinestones;
  • large sequins;
  • foil;
  • piercing.

Manicure for good luck feng shui timesManicure for good luck feng shui twoManicure for good luck feng shui threeManicure for good luck feng shui fourManicure for good luck feng shui five