facial rejuvenation treatments

The struggle for the beauty of the skin of the face, some of the fair sex begins even before adulthood. What, then, to talk about middle-aged ladies. Many women, trying to maintain the ideal condition of the epidermis, stop at expensive cosmetics and regular masks. But there are those who prefer procedures for facial rejuvenation. Different salons offer approximately one list of activities. But before signing up for a particular session, you need to imagine what benefits it will bring to the skin.

The most effective facial rejuvenation treatments

  1. Laser technologies in cosmetology have proven themselves for a long time and very reliably. They are also used to refresh the epidermis. The laser beam does not injure the skin. Exposure to them does not entail side effects or complications. The laser penetrates into the deep layers of the epidermis. As a result, the structure of the skin improves, signs of hyperpigmentation are eliminated.
  2. A fairly popular procedure for facial rejuvenation is laser resurfacing. It involves the processing of only the surface layers of the epidermis. At the same time, dead cells are removed, which helps to improve blood circulation and skin color, increase elasticity, renew the cellular composition, and restore metabolism.
  3. Innovative facial cosmetic procedure – ELOS rejuvenation. The technique is based on the simultaneous exposure of the dermis to light pulses and high-frequency current. After several sessions, wrinkles are noticeably reduced, age spots, scars, spider veins, dark circles under the eyes disappear.
  4. A good procedure for facial rejuvenation after 40 years is Thermage. Its essence is to stimulate the deep layers of the skin with high temperatures. This allows you to increase the activity of fibroblasts and increase the production of collagen with elastin. A big plus of the method is that it has no contraindications. In addition, it is hypoallergenic and leaves no traces on the skin after it.
  5. Some women in their 30s opt for facial rejuvenation treatments such as injections. Hyaluronic acid injections “preserve” the skin, while Botox with diport block the mimic muscles.
  6. Mesotherapy is safe and effective. The procedure involves the introduction of small doses of vitamins or natural active preparations under the skin.

To say unequivocally which procedure for facial rejuvenation will be the most effective for you, only a beautician can after an examination.