face contouring step by step instructions

With the help of well-executed makeup, you can not only hide any skin imperfections, but also significantly adjust the shape and features of the face. To perform such a make-up, you used to have to turn to a professional makeup artist. Today, independent sculpting is available to any woman, because everything you need to do face contouring is a step-by-step instruction, makeup brushes, sponges and high-quality cosmetics in the form of a highlighter and bronzer.

Contouring an oval and elongated face

An oval is considered the ideal face shape, it is he who is the basis for drawing up corrective schemes. Accordingly, in this case, no sculpting is required, it is enough to use blush.

If contouring is still necessary, for example, for a photo shoot or stage performance, you need to use the standard sculpting instructions.

Face contouring step by step:

  1. Apply highlighter under the eyes, outlining the outline with a triangle.
  2. face contouring step by step 1

  3. Highlight the center line of the nose.
  4. face contouring step by step 2

  5. Put a little highlighter on the bridge of your nose, also in the shape of a triangle.
  6. face contouring step by step 3

  7. Designate a highlight above the upper lip, in the fossa.
  8. face contouring step by step 4

  9. Highlight the center of the chin.
  10. face contouring step by step 5

  11. Draw straight lines with a highlighter from the corners of the lips to the lower jaw.
  12. facial contouring step by step 6

  13. Spread the bronzer along the hairline and temples.
  14. face contouring step by step 7

  15. Highlight the cheekbones – draw an oblique line starting under the zygomatic bone and ending just above the corners of the lips.
  16. face contouring step by step 8

  17. Apply bronzer on the sides of the nose, outlining the existing highlighter line.
  18. face contouring step by step 9

  19. Slightly darken the side lower parts of the chin.
  20. face contouring step by step 10

  21. Blend the sculptural lines with a sponge.
  22. face contouring step by step 11

  23. Finish off with loose translucent powder.
  24. face contouring step by step 12

With an elongated face shape, contouring is also quite simple – you need to slightly darken the top of the forehead, at the hairline, and the lower part of the chin. This will make the face look shorter.

Contouring round and triangular faces

Correction of rounded shapes involves deep darkening on the sides of the forehead, temples and most of the cheeks, including the angle of the lower jaw. Highlighter is applied under the eyes, on the central part of the chin and forehead (middle).

round face contouring 1

To sculpt a triangular face, the same areas are highlighted as with a round shape. Bronzer is used less – only on the sides of the forehead, on the temples and upper cheeks, slightly stepping on the cheekbone.

round face contouring 2

Contouring a square and rectangular face

You can correct wide cheekbones and forehead in the case of a square face if you apply a little bit of highlighter in the center of the chin and in the middle of the forehead, as well as under the eyes. You will have to darken the temples, cheeks, angles of the lower jaw, lateral frontal lobes.

square face contouring 1

With a rectangular face, highlighting is necessary only in the center of the forehead and chin. The bronzer is applied on the lower jaw and forehead, on the sides, whiskey does not need to be processed.

square face contouring 2

Proper contouring of the diamond-shaped and pear-shaped face

To improve the features of the diamond-shaped face, the highlighter is distributed in the center of the forehead and chin, and highlights under the eyes are also formed. Darkening is done exclusively on the side of the zygomatic bones.

proper facial contouring 1

A trapezoid or pear-shaped face is sculpted in a similar way. The same parts are highlighted as in the diamond shape, the bronzer is applied in a straight line down, from the zygomatic bone to the angle of the lower jaw.

proper facial contouring 2