face painting for halloween

One form of body art is face painting. People have been engaged in decorating the body with the help of painting for a long time, this was especially evident in Eastern cultures, and gradually this form of self-expression also touched Western culture.

Face painting is one of the simplest forms of body art, because the image is easily washed off with water and does not leave behind a partially remaining design, as is the case, for example, with henna.

Face painting is convenient for images with smooth color transitions, as well as for creating clear lines, and therefore the manifestation of fantasy here can be limitless.

Recently, face painting has been used not only in narrow theatrical circles, but has also gained mass popularity – many children’s holidays and any carnival celebrations rarely do without the use of body paints.

How to apply face painting?

Before you start creating a fabulous or mystical image, you need to prepare the necessary tools and paints. Looking through the extraordinary transformations of faces with the help of face painting, it seems that the artist needed a lot of tools, brushes and paints, but this is not always true.

To create a face painting you will need:

  • a brush with natural bristles of medium thickness, and in the presence of small lines in the idea of ​​u200bu200bthe drawing – a thin brush;
  • several colors of face painting – as a rule, it is difficult to do without white and black, and for New Year’s face painting – without sparkles;
  • if you plan to tint your face completely or cover large areas of the body with paint, then you can’t do without a sponge.

For a professional face painting master, the list of necessary items is increasing. In the set it is desirable to have:

  • oilcloth tablecloth to easily clean the workplace from paints;
  • a set of makeup brushes – beveled, straight, rounded, large and small; the larger this arsenal, the more artistic maneuvers can be done;
  • several sponges;
  • many colored paints, differing in shades;
  • different types of glitter.

Each drawing has its own face painting scheme, but there are some rules that apply to all images:

  • lighter shades are drawn first, and then darker ones;
  • the application technique is similar to watercolor – the brush must impose a pattern using lines – short or long; in no case should you fluff the brush, thus trying to sketch the space; the bristles of the brush should remain even;
  • since face painting is easily washed off with water, sometimes hairspray or a professional fixative is used to fix it.

So, an approximate scheme for applying face painting is as follows:

  1. Apply a light base to the skin if a colored background is expected. This is done using a sponge soaked in water and then in paint.
  2. Draw light lines and details with a brush.
  3. Draw dark lines.
  4. Decorate the drawing with sparkles, if necessary.
  5. Fix the drawing.

Simple face painting for adults for Halloween

The most popular Halloween face painting is a vampire, which can be done in a variety of variations. The eyes are highlighted in black, and the skin is whitened with light paint. Lips can be made black or red, or even create the effect of a skeletal bone.

Sequins are usually not used in this look, unless a glamorous version of a vampire is conceived. In this case, it is logical to use black or red glitters.

face painting cat – Another version of face painting not only for Halloween, but also for any other carnival holiday. Since, according to legend, dark forces triumph on Halloween, it is better to make an aggressive version of a cat – a wild panther or leopard. Use orange, yellow and black colors for this.

Face painting butterfly can be cute, but gloomy dark shades can make a dramatic version of the image. In this case, the eyes, eyebrows and temporal region stand out. What is the wingspan of a butterfly depends on the idea. Use the bridge of your nose as a place to draw the body and antennae of the butterfly.

New Year’s face painting

Face painting on the face for the New Year’s carnival is distinguished, first of all, by the abundance of sparkles. The most versatile and interesting option that will suit the New Year’s dress is a stranger’s mask. Draw it around the eyes with the colors repeated in the outfit to make it look like a kind of costume.