henna eyebrow tattoo

Eyebrow tattoo with henna is a cosmetic procedure available for any woman. Thanks to henna tattoo, it is possible to save time allocated for daily makeup. The procedure is a safe alternative to hardware eyebrow correction (permanent tattoo), which has many contraindications, including pregnancy, lactation and a number of diseases. In addition, henna eyebrow tattooing can be done at home with high quality, as the procedure is painless, does not require honed skills and is easy to correct. The color of the eyebrows dyed with henna can be gray, light brown or deep brown.

Henna tattoo at home

Of course, salon tattooing has an important advantage – the eyebrow pattern applied by the master looks very natural. But if there is a desire and confidence in their own abilities, the procedure can be carried out at home on their own.

To perform an eyebrow tattoo at home, you will need:

The algorithm for the procedure is as follows:

  1. Mix the paint with water in a container to a slurry state.
  2. Draw the desired contours of the eyebrows with a white cosmetic pencil, while maintaining symmetry.
  3. Pluck out excess hairs with tweezers, evaluate the result of your work.
  4. Draw henna eyebrows along the outlined contours, the color of the eyebrows will depend on the amount of coloring paste and whether the paint is applied directly to the skin (then the eyebrows will look darker), or only to the tips of the hairs.
  5. Close the traced eyebrows with polyethylene.
  6. You can remove the dried paint from the eyebrows with your fingertips, if you have difficulty henna tattoomoisten the eyebrow areas with eucalyptus oil.

How long does henna eyebrow tattoo last?

As a rule, homemade henna eyebrow tattoo lasts about three weeks, and salon tattoo lasts up to five weeks, subject to careful facial care.

Important! During the day after the procedure, the eyebrows should not be wetted. In the future, it is not recommended to use scrubs and peels for facial care. It is also undesirable to visit the sauna and bath if you want to save the result of the tattoo as long as possible.