Arrow eye tattoo

Every woman faces the need to do makeup almost daily. But the more complex the make-up, the more time and accuracy it requires, and with the modern rhythm of life, situations often arise when there is simply not enough time. That is why permanent makeup (aka permanent makeup) is so popular among women. It is enough to do the procedure once, and you can forget about using a pencil or eyeliner for several years.

Advantages and disadvantages of eye tattoo

To the benefits permanent makeup primarily refers to its durability. For example, tattooed arrows last, on average, from 4 to 10 years, but in some cases, additional correction may be required in two years. Such makeup is not blurred, does not smudge and allows you to look beautiful at any time of the day.

To disadvantages It can be attributed to the fact that the presence of a tattoo limits the possibility of experiments and a change in style, and an unsuccessful eye tattoo is almost impossible to fix. The procedure itself, despite the use of anesthetics, can be quite painful. With skin prone to scarring, poor regeneration, diabetes, epilepsy, this procedure is contraindicated.

Arrows in eye tattoo

Permanent makeup of the eyelids primarily involves the tattooing of arrows on the upper and lower eyelids. It can be both natural and decorative, with an arrow that goes beyond the border of the eye, and allows you to visually change its shape. In addition, you can perform inter-eyelash tattoo with arrows, in which the inter-eyelash space is filled with small dots or a solid stroke, which helps to create the effect of thicker eyelashes.

Tattoo arrows on the eyelids can be done in different colors, although black is still the most common. But blondes are recommended to use a gray shade. Care must be taken when using a brown tone in a tattoo, as over time it tends to discolor and migrate to red.

Types of arrows for eye tattoo

If the color of the tattoo depends primarily on the color of the eyes, then the type of arrows should be determined by the cut and shape of the eye.

Most often, when tattooing the eyes, the types of arrows are used:

  • from inner to outer corner;
  • from the middle of the eye to the outer corner;
  • “Eastern” arrows that go beyond the border of the eye and bend upwards.

Also, the arrows can vary in thickness and clarity of drawing.

  1. Wide arrows, regardless of whether they are drawn along the entire length of the eyelid or from its middle, look good on wide, almond-shaped eyes. A narrow eye tattoo in the form of a wide, especially eastern arrow, will visually press down, make it seem even narrower.
  2. For small eyes, a thin neat arrow is suitable, possibly extending beyond the eye and curving upward if the eye is round.
  3. Women with heavy eyelids are recommended tattooing arrows, made with shading, which creates the effect of soft shadows on the eyelids.

Eye care after tattooing

Since the application of permanent makeup is a traumatic procedure to some extent, certain rules must be followed after it is carried out in order to speed up healing and avoid complications.

  1. The first days after tattooing, redness and swelling of the eyelids may be observed. Until swelling subsides, avoid Arrow tattooexposure to sunlight and go out in sunglasses.
  2. The crusts formed at the site of tattooing are not recommended to be wetted, removed, or torn off until they themselves fall off. This can lead to problems with the ink and loss of the appearance of the tattoo.
  3. Eyelids should be lubricated with special creams. Tetracycline ointment is also suitable for relieving inflammation.
  4. Tattoo correction, if it is necessary, and some areas are not painted over enough, is usually done in the period from two weeks to a month after the first procedure.