Eye shadow brush

If it is convenient to blend gel-like or liquid shadows with an applicator or fingers, then for the most common dry shadows it is necessary to use a brush, otherwise it will not be possible to gently blend them.

Brushes for applying and blending shadows

Many brushes can be used to both apply and blend eyeshadow.

In general, eyeshadow brushes are divided into 3 groups:

  1. Wide brushes with fairly long, soft bristles are best suited for applying foundation, applying shadows over a large area.
  2. Short, with a pile of various lengths, flat at the base, usually used to apply the main tone in the corners of the eyes and under the lower eyelid.
  3. Quite dense, soft, most often used to blend the border between different shades.

The best brushes for blending shadows are brushes with bristles of various lengths, with a domed top and thick but soft bristles. To blend the shadows along the edge of the eyelashes, a brush with an elastic short pile and an almost even edge is more suitable. The brush can be made from both natural bristles and artificial material. It is believed that for shading cream shadows, it is desirable to take a brush made of artificial material that does not absorb fats, and for dry shadows, a brush made of natural bristles is better suited.

But it is also worth noting that for the accurate application of shadows, it is not the material from which the shading brush is made that plays a big role, but the rigidity of its pile. Too hard pile, which is found in cheap brushes, can scratch the eyelid, in addition, it creates an uneven tone, leaves stripes and furrows.

Shadow blending brush brands

  1. Brush MAC 217. One of the most popular brushes, with tightly packed bristles and an almost even edge. Natural bristle brush, suitable for any texture, creates smooth transitions between colors.
  2. Brush MAC 226. This brush is thicker than the previous one, has a domed shape and tapers noticeably towards the tip, so it is great for painting over the creases of the eyelid and the corners of the eyes.
  3. Brush MAC 275. A brush with soft, short bristles and a beveled edge, great for blending eye shadow around the corners of the eyes and along the lash line.
  4. Blending eyeshadow brush

  5. Yves Rocher Eyeshadow Brush. Unlike the previous ones, this brush is not flat, but voluminous, with a rounded edge, quite dense, but not prickly. It blends well both the transitions between colors and the shadows along the edge of the eye.
  6. Oriflame Professional Blending Brush. A budget option compared to the previous ones, which allows you to shade the shadows on a fairly large surface, but is not suitable for staining the corners and folds of the eyelid. The pile is long and hard.
  7. Mary Kay eye shadow brush. Good budget option. A brush with a pile of one length and a rounded edge, fairly dense, but not hard.