To have neat and well-groomed nails, it is not necessary to go to a beauty salon. You can easily perform hardware manicure and pedicure at home. To do this, it is enough to purchase an electric manicure set. Equipped with multiple speed settings, attachments, portable vacuum cleaner and gel polish drying function, this is the perfect toolbox for fingernail and toenail care. Despite the fact that the device is in great demand, its purchase often becomes a real problem. How to choose a high-quality and durable device, how to use it correctly, and which brands to pay attention to – we will analyze below.

Device capabilities

Important! Manicure sets are of two types – mechanical and electrical. Electric ones are much more popular, because they are easier to use and significantly save time on care procedures.

Electric manicure set for home

The electric apparatus is especially appreciated by busy business women who do not have an extra minute to go to the master. Here are a few more reasons why you should buy an electric manicure set.

  1. Will last a long time: by paying at the same time, you get countless manicure sessions. Many models operate on battery or batteries and do not require an outlet. You can tidy up your nails even when traveling or camping!
  2. You can correct both natural and partially artificial (extended) nails without fear of damage.
  3. Does not injure the nail, does not touch the skin around the nail bed.
  4. Gently and gently removes cuticles and ingrown nails.
  5. Effectively fights flaky skin, corns, calluses.
  6. To remove dead skin particles it is not necessary to steam the skin and take hot baths.
  7. The set for home use includes nozzles for all occasions.
  8. Accelerates the drying of the gel coat: Some configurations include a UV lamp.
  9. The manicure machine works quietly, it can be used even when a child is sleeping in the room.
  10. If desired, you can buy a separate automatic set for manicure, pedicure or two-in-one model.

Nozzles and accessories

The device may consist of the following elements:

  • directly the electrical unit;
  • set of nozzles for manicure apparatus
  • UV lamp for gel polish (not all models)
  • fan-vacuum cleaner;
  • cell with fragrance (you can fill in perfumery water);
  • sticks for removing cuticles;
  • case or storage case;
  • accumulator or batteries.


Important! To perform a hardware manicure, one nozzle is not enough – you need a whole set in which each device performs its function. Depending on the cost and manufacturer, the package includes from 8 to 15 types of various nozzles and tools.

Consider the purpose of the most popular nozzles.

  1. Cuticle nozzle. It is made in the form of a spatula, lifts the cuticle and facilitates its removal. The spatula is rounded, but it should be used with care so as not to cause pain.
  2. Cuticle remover ball. Ideal after using a spatula.
  3. Nail Shaping Discs. Especially suitable for artificial nails.
  4. Large cone. Used for treating toenails. Removes rough skin around the nail and calluses on the foot.
  5. Medium cone. It is necessary for the treatment of rough areas of the epidermis on the fingers, around the nail bed.
  6. small cone. It also erases the rough skin around the nail, only more accurately and precisely. Suitable for problem areas of the skin and damaged nail bed.
  7. Soft polishing roller. It is used at the final stage of manicure. Evens out the surface of the nail plate, making it smoother and shinier.
  8. Disc nozzles. Rigid, therefore, effectively remove the keratinized epidermis from the palms and feet.
  9. Brushes. As a rule, there are two of them: a large one and a slightly smaller one. Used to clean nails from dirt and peeling.
  10. Cylindrical nozzleswhich are used for polishing the nail plate. Level the surface, smooth the corners of the nail.

For ease of use, all nozzles are mounted on the handle. This provides a point action and reduces the risk of delamination of the nail plate. For the manufacture of nozzles, an anti-corrosion material is used, on top – a layer of abrasive. The higher the abrasive properties of the nozzle, the more intensively it works. In a professional set of nozzles made of high quality materials, however, the cost increases significantly. However, for beginners of the nail service, simpler and more economical sets with a basic set of nozzles are suitable.

How to use

If you want to perform the processing of nails with the highest quality and without pain, follow rules for working with the device. If you use an electric manicure set illiterately, you can harm the health of your nails, skin of your hands and feet.

  1. Before use and in subsequent times, wipe the tips with alcohol for sterility.
  2. Do not steam the skin before the procedure: with an electric set, the manicure is done dry.
  3. Start with low nozzle speeds.
  4. If you are an inexperienced user, perform procedures with less abrasive nozzles (otherwise you can damage the nail).
  5. Hold the device at an angle of 45 degrees.
  6. Do not touch damaged skin with scratches, wounds, burns, etc.
  7. The cutter must be quickly moved along the nail bed to avoid overheating of the apparatus and injury to the skin.
  8. To process and remove the cuticle, use a spatula and a cone-shaped nozzle.
  9. Make sure that when working with the cuticle, the nozzle does not touch the nail plate.
  10. It is possible to apply a decorative coating on the nail only after all processing procedures have been completed.
  11. At the overestimating stage, rub a nourishing cream or oil into the skin.

Using an electric manicure and pedicure set is no more difficult than using a regular manicure set. The main difference is that it foot treatment provided. In addition to the classic pedicure, a complex fight against corns and corns is needed here. To do this, the set, as a rule, has an extensive toolkit of various nozzles.

Selection Guide

To choose an electric manicure set for the home and not regret the purchase, it is advisable to study the manufacturer, customer reviews and technical specifications in advance. However, this rule is mandatory for the purchase of any household appliances. However, the requirements for beauty equipment are even stricter: buying a low-quality device can harm both appearance and health in general. Here are those special nuances that are recommended to be taken into account when choosing a device for manicure.


Examine the material of manufacture and the quality of the abrasive coating of the nozzles. It is not recommended to purchase a device made of low quality mild steel. This technique is cheaper, but its purchase is impractical, because the blades become dull after just a few sessions.

Advice! Pay attention to the nozzles covered with sapphire or diamond coating. They are of better quality and sharper, but with careful operation they will not harm the nail plate.


The device has a different type of power supply (batteries, ordinary replaceable batteries and a socket). It is better to buy a device with battery operation capability (with periodic recharging) or from a wall outlet. A charged battery will help you perform the procedure even in the absence of an electrical network. But devices that work only on batteries should be avoided, as their charge is enough for a maximum of one full manicure session. And few people like to constantly change batteries.

Manicure set


No need to buy a manicure set with a bunch of nozzles that you personally don’t need. In many configurations, there are nozzles that are similar to each other and perform, in fact, similar functions. In order not to overpay for extra items, choose concise configurations with set of basic nozzles (discs for polishing and polishing nails, cone-shaped nozzles, nozzles for shaping the nail plate, rollers from calluses and corns).


And we also advise you to study the power of the device, that is, the number of revolutions that the motor makes. Power is indicated in the instructions for the device. A figure of more than 5000 revolutions means that the device can be used on both natural and extended nails. In general, the higher the motor speed, the faster and more efficient the nail treatment will be.

Top 5 best models

We have compiled a small rating of electric manicure sets for the home, choosing those models that have received the highest user ratings and meet the “price-quality” requirement.

5. Machine for manicure and pedicure H4405 (pink)

In fifth place is the H4405 manicure and pedicure device, which attracts with its affordable price and capabilities. Girls will definitely like the pink color of the body. And this mini drill is perfect for working with problem nails. If the surface of the nail plate is brittle, uneven, has a thin top layer or is damaged, this model will treat it carefully and accurately. The machine has 2 speed options: constant and variable.


The device practically does not make noise during operation, in addition, many users note a low level of vibration. The machine itself weighs very little (81 g), so it is convenient to use. In the kit you can find as many as six cutters made of metal, as well as six caps. In order to get started, you just need to connect the device to the network and move the switch to the appropriate position. The motor rotation speed is 20000 rpm. The machine can be safely recommended to nail service masters, since it is extremely simple to learn on it.

  • light and compact;
  • 2 speeds of work;
  • 6 additional cutters included;
  • the ability to work from the network;
  • stylish design;
  • comfortable handle.
  • bulky power supply;
  • hard to find in retail, only online stores.

Machine for manicure and pedicure H4405 (pink) on Yandex Market

4. Apparatus Lumme LU-2403

The rating of the best electric manicure sets continues with a model from Lumme. This device is great for salons, allows you to do not only manicure, but also pedicure. The machine has 2 speeds. There are as many as 10 nozzles in the kit: four discs for removing the layer of the roughened layer of the epidermis, a special nozzle for manicure, a round brush for cleaning nails after they are processed, a special spatula to lift the cuticle, and a disc for polishing the surface of the nails.

As an additional accessory, we note a wonderful purple case, also included in the kit. It has a compartment for all attachments, so this device can be called a portable salon, which you can always take with you on the road or on vacation. If you don’t have an outlet to connect the appliance, you can use built-in battery, which is very convenient, for example, outside the city. The small size and classic appearance attract attention, while the light weight and comfortable grip of the handle make working with the device simple and easy. One of the most interesting nail kits on the market.

  • Durable and comfortable carry case included.
  • attractive design;
  • comfortable handle, with which you can do what you love for a long time;
  • all details are made in the same color;
  • 2 options for operation: from the network and from the built-in battery;
  • almost silent operation;
  • Lots of functional attachments included
  • short battery life;
  • long charge.

Apparatus Lumme LU-2403 on Yandex Market

3. Professional manicure set 10 items Mayer & Boch 23423

The third position is occupied by the device from the manufacturer Mayer & Boch. First of all, it attracts attention with a pleasant white-pink body and ergonomics. All the elements of the set are placed in a small case. And the equipment here is rich: two cone nozzles (large and small), one cylinder nozzle for leveling the shape, a pair of coated discs for grinding and polishing, an adapter, a protective carrying case, mini fan. Easily removes regrown cuticles, keratinized skin particles, corns and calluses. By alternating nozzles, you can easily give the optimal shape to the nail plate, smooth and level its surface.

Mayer & Boch 23423

Important! Mayer & Boch 23423 is equipped with a built-in bath to soften the skin of the hands after the session. A very handy feature, although not the most necessary.

The body is made of high quality plastic. The device is designed for home use and small manicure studios. The compact case will securely store your nail care products.

  • nice design;
  • the presence of a spa;
  • no extra nozzles;
  • can be powered from the network;
  • convenient storage compartment for all attachments;
  • affordable price (about 2000 rubles)
  • presented only in online stores;
  • casing made of durable plastic.

Professional manicure set 10 items Mayer & Boch 23423 on Yandex Market

2. Machine Maxwell MW-2601

In second place is one of the bestsellers – Maxwell MW-2601. Due to its cost (no more than 2000 rubles) and versatility, the device has become a favorite among nail industry masters. Here you can find 8 different attachments for processing nails (2 cone-shaped, cylindrical, several discs for filing and polishing the nail plate, a roller for removing rough skin, etc.). As an additional accessory – a compartment for storing nozzles, a protective case, a stick for removing the cuticle of the nail.

An important advantage of the device is the ability to work from the mains and battery. Moreover, the battery holds its charge for a long time, an average of 240 minutes. This is enough for 3-4 nail treatments.

Apparatus Maxwell MW-2601

Important! The main thing to remember is that before the first use, the battery needs to be charged for about a day. Otherwise, the charge will begin to drop rapidly, and the power will be unstable.

It is a compact and portable device with a comfortable handle and a complete set of necessary attachments. You can safely buy it as a gift for beginner nail-masters.

  • affordable price;
  • many nozzles for different purposes;
  • capacious battery;
  • convenient storage case;
  • ease of operation;
  • possibility of power supply from the socket.
  • the coating of the nozzles is erased over time;
  • when performing a pedicure, the effectiveness is lower.

Apparatus Maxwell MW-2601 on Yandex Market

1. Apparatus HoMedics ELM-MAN3023-EU 8600 rpm

We award the first place in the top to a professional device from HoMedics. With it, you can perform a salon manicure at home. Multifunctionality is provided by nozzles, of which there are a huge number – 12 pieces. The purpose is different: polishing, polishing nails, shaping, leveling, removing cuticles and calluses, etc. In general, everything is standard, but there are so many nozzles that they can be selected for a specific shape and type of the nail plate. And you can also arrange a spa session, as there is massage tub included.

Apparatus HoMedics ELM-MAN3023-EU 8600 rpm

The device has a built-in dryer for gel coating, there is a reverse. The maximum rotation speed is 8600 rpm, while 4 speed options are available. The device works from the accumulator and from the usual socket, rather portable as it is packed into an ergonomic case. Despite the weight of up to 2 kg with all attachments, the HoMedics Apparatus is convenient to take with you on a trip. The cost exceeds 3000 rubles, but the price is fully justified by the excellent quality and great opportunities.

  • a lot of nozzles;
  • switching different speeds;
  • hydromassage and shellac drying;
  • separate storage compartment for accessories;
  • the presence of a reverse;
  • comfortable operation.
  • high price.

Apparatus HoMedics ELM-MAN3023-EU 8600 rpm on Yandex Market


After studying the reviews and recommendations for choosing, determine what tasks the device should perform. If you need it for everyday use at home (shape alignment, filing, foot treatment), choose a device at a reasonable price and with a set of basic and most necessary attachments. For a full-fledged hardware manicure “like in a salon”, you should choose more expensive and well-equipped sets with a high motor speed.