foot cream for corns

Calluses appear due to wearing uncomfortable shoes and excessive loads on the legs. In addition, diseases of the internal organs, flat feet can cause a problem. Women suffer from dry corns much more often than men. Creams for corns on the legs of many representatives, just in case, are always on the shelf. They quickly return the gait to normal.

The best creams for corns on the legs

  1. As part of Super antimozolin – lactic acid with carbamide. Both substances moisturize the skin very effectively, as a result of which corns can be gently scraped off with a spatula. In addition, the drug can be used to combat unpleasant odors.
  2. Often, for help, they turn to a remedy from Faberlic. Cream from corns with urea of ​​this manufacturer should be applied to steamed legs for 20-30 minutes. After that, the feet are treated with pumice stone and washed under running water. The great advantage of the product is that it can also be used for preventive purposes – before a long walk or strenuous workout, for example.
  3. Green Planet Treats pimples and rough skin. After treatment with cream, the epidermis becomes soft and elastic. The effect is achieved due to natural oils and urea in the composition.
  4. Popular keratolytic cream for corns organic consists of celandine extract, pine nut oil, urea. It loosens the roughened epidermis and gently removes the layer of dead cells, while not affecting healthy skin in any way.
  5. American remedy School works best on small areas of damage. It does not always cope with large dry corns.
  6. Neutrogena – an expensive and good cream for corns. It helps to reduce their thickness and prevent the appearance in the future. Pleasant non-sticky texture allows you to use the product even in the morning.
  7. Cream Avon It is mainly used to treat leather on the heels. It nourishes, moisturizes and refreshes. Due to its mild action, it can be used at least every day.
  8. Cream against corns Namozol-911 it is applied to the feet at night, and in the morning the exfoliated skin is easily cleaned off with a pumice stone or a special spatula. The tool is spent very sparingly and, among other things, has a healing effect.
  9. Chinese cream is becoming more and more popular TianDe. The snake fat included in the composition favorably affects the condition of the feet. And the tool has an antibacterial and healing effect.