cracked lip what to do

What to do if the lower or upper lip is cracked, and most importantly, why is this happening? As for the reasons, nothing can be said unequivocally, they can be very different, from a lack of vitamins to the lack of constant hydration of the lips. But most often, lips crack in those who often smoke, lick their lips and drink little water. Also, lip cracks can occur due to malnutrition, namely a lack of B vitamins, as well as E and A in the diet. In addition to such harmless reasons, lip cracks can be caused by serious diseases such as diabetes mellitus. Often, lips crack with severe dehydration, with high fever, frequent use of diuretics, diarrhea or vomiting. Even cracks on the lips appear with respiratory disorders, for example, with a prolonged runny nose or nasal congestion.

How to treat cracked lips?

Having determined the possible causes, you can also figure out what to do if the lip is cracked. If there is a suspicion of a lack of vitamins (this is especially likely at the end of winter), then you need to increase the consumption of foods rich in vitamins E, A and group B. Iron deficiency can also cause cracked lips, and therefore we lean on fruits, vegetables, liver, fish and meat . If you decide to gnaw carrots in search of vitamin A, then keep in mind that this vitamin is absorbed only in a fatty solution, and therefore you will have to either dip carrots in sour cream or make delicious salads seasoned with mayonnaise or vegetable oil. If you don’t want to eat such salads (we follow the figure and count every calorie), then vitamins A and E can be taken by buying them at a pharmacy. And of course, do not forget to moisturize your lips with a nourishing cream, hygienic lipstick or petroleum jelly.

If the cracked lip does not heal for a long time, then apparently it still lacks vitamins or moisture. To eliminate this shortage, we lubricate the lips every day with oil solutions of vitamins E and A, and also make warm compresses from cotton wool soaked in warm oil. It is also good to lubricate the lips with honey, and apply protective creams or hygienic lipstick as often as possible, and at night, in general, in a thick layer. It would also be nice to pay more attention to your diet, maybe it’s not just a lack of vitamins and minerals, maybe you eat too much fatty and spicy food, eat on the go, which causes digestive problems. And this, in turn, is reflected on the face, in the form of cracked lips and acne.

Cracked child’s lip

Well, everything is clear with adults, we eat at random, we smoke, we forget to pay due attention to ourselves, and so we reap the labors of our carelessness. Actually, here and what to do there are no questions, finally pay attention to yourself and stop eating on the go. And what to do if the lip is cracked in a child, especially in a baby? There is nothing wrong here either, most likely, the lips are simply weathered and they need to be lubricated with petroleum jelly, bepanthen or any other greasy cream. Maybe the lip cracked in the baby due to the fact that the mother does not have enough vitamins (if the baby is breastfed). So, first of all, we pay attention to your diet, you eat wrong, and the baby suffers. And in babies who are breastfed, it often appears like a callus on the upper lip. Cracked lip on chestThen it bursts and it feels like the lip is cracked in the middle. There is nothing wrong with this, everything will heal, you can only lubricate it with some kind of cream or breast milk.

If the child is already older, and you notice that his lip is cracked and swollen, then this may be due to the excessive activity of your baby. I hit something on my lip and it swelled up. Or maybe your lips were chapped when you walked in the cold. In this case, we also lubricate them with cream or hygienic lipstick, just make sure that it is childish – without unnecessary dyes and fragrances.