correct eyebrow shape

Not every representative of the fair sex has a natural attractive appearance. But this is no reason to despair. A few manipulations, and everything can easily be fixed. Sometimes it is enough just to make the correct shape of the eyebrows, and the image will change dramatically. Unfortunately, few people know exactly how to do this. But this is a whole science, which, however, can be comprehended at home, without much difficulty.

How to choose the right eyebrows for the shape of the face?

It is very important to know and consider your face shape. Otherwise, you can seriously spoil your image. This factor affects the choice of hairstyle, makeup and eyebrow shape, of course.

There are some simple truths about how to choose the right eyebrow shape. It’s easy to remember them:

  1. The owners square face straight and somewhat heavy cheekbones and jaw lines. To soften the image, you need to make arched eyebrows. They should not have a clear fold. High arches are allowed. They can also be made wide, focusing attention on themselves. But thin and sharp eyebrows are categorically not welcome.
  2. how to choose the right eyebrows for the shape of the face 4

  3. triangular face pointed to the cheekbones and chin. Slightly raised and gently curving – this is what the shape of the eyebrows is considered correct in this case.
  4. how to choose the right eyebrows for the shape of the face

  5. Elongated oval face usually characterized by a massive chin. It is desirable to divert attention from it. This can be achieved with straight eyebrows. They visually make the face wider and soften it. High arcs will be a big mistake. Such a decision will only further lengthen the face.
  6. how to choose the right eyebrows for the shape of the face

  7. The most advantageous is oval shape. Eyebrows of the correct form for an oval face are straight horizontal. With a strong desire, they can be slightly rounded, but this must be done without fanaticism, otherwise the face will seem elongated. Arcs should not be too wide. This can make the look too harsh, preoccupied, unfriendly.
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  9. Rhombus – a combination of square and triangular shapes. Accordingly, classic eyebrows with a very smooth and soft curve are most suitable for a diamond-shaped face. This will visually reduce the cheekbones.
  10. how to choose the right eyebrows for the shape of the face

  11. The task of the owners round face – lengthen it. To do this, you just need to make the eyebrows high with a pronounced break. Arcs with a thin, but not too sharp tip will look best. A losing solution for a round face is rounded eyebrows.
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How to correct the shape of the eyebrows?

Of course, this is best done by a specialist in a beauty salon. Therefore, it is recommended to have a professional correction at least once. So you will find out which shape of the eyebrows suits you and further adjust the arches at home on your own. The ideally correct shape of the eyebrows is selected according to the scheme. To draw the latter, you will need an ordinary cosmetic pencil:

  1. Place the pencil on the center of the wing of the nose and guide it through the inner corner of the eye. The place where the resulting straight line intersects the eyebrow will be the starting point of the arc.
  2. To determine the highest point, start a straight line there, and take the outer arc of the pupil as the second point. Place a mark at the intersection with the eyebrow.
  3. The last point – the end of the eyebrow – is determined by a similar principle. The beginning of the straight line is in the same place – at the central point of the nose wing. The second mark is the outer corner of the eye.

how to choose the right eyebrows for the shape of the face

Carefully connect the three resulting points, and you get a perfect arc. Before doing this, just in case, it is advisable to double-check the calculations.

The final touch is the distance between the eyebrows. Ideally, it should be no more than two fingers.