corns with a rod

Corns with a rod – These are dense rounded formations with a root deeply ingrown into the depths of the tissues. Most often they appear on the sole of the foot and cause pain when walking. In addition, the rod in the corns periodically becomes inflamed, which can cause serious complications.

Treatment of corns with a rod at home

Treatment of corns on the legs with a rod is a rather lengthy process, and sometimes only its complete removal allows you to get rid of this problem. There are many ways to get rid of corns with a rod on the soles of the feet:

  • using various ointments, creams, gels and patches that can be purchased at pharmacies;
  • with the help of liquids consisting of a mixture of various acids, which should be used very carefully;
  • using hot foot baths, which are prepared from grated laundry soap and soda, dissolved in water;
  • removal of corns with a rod on the sole of the foot is possible with the help of vinegar essence;
  • with painful sensations, a small amount of potassium permanganate is added to the soap and soda bath;
  • cold salt baths, which should be done in the warm season;
  • various lotions and compresses from prunes, onions, lemon, raw potatoes or aloe help well in the treatment of corns with a rod (any of these ingredients are applied to the corns area overnight);
  • a piece of heated propolis applied to the corn stem helps to get rid of the problem in a week.

Professional treatment of corns with a rod

If the treatment of corns at home did not bring the expected result, you should consult a doctor. In cases where the root has penetrated deep into the sole, home treatments can be dangerous. The attending physician will offer you an alternative treatment with modern methods:

  • through surgery;
  • removal of corns with a laser;
  • using cryotherapy.

All of them are carried out in polyclinics under local anesthesia.

Using the hardware method, you can permanently get rid of corns with a rod after one manipulation.