Today, there are more than a hundred models of devices for removing hair from the surface of the body on the market. Some of them act selectively, for example, only in the bikini area, others are multifunctional and are able to remove unwanted vegetation everywhere. Of course, in addition to the epilator, you can get rid of unwanted vegetation in other ways: sign up for a salon for removal with hot wax, sugar, use a special cream, razor at home, or go the drastic route and apply laser hair removal. However, the epilator remains the most popular method. Today we are talking about how to choose the right model for the bikini area. It would seem that there is difficult? Just find a model with a nozzle for the bikini area – and you’re done! But there are some nuances here, which will be discussed below.


Important! The device you use will not only affect your convenience and the time spent on the removal process. A competent approach to the choice will avoid unwanted rashes, irritation and redness on the most delicate areas of the skin. Especially if you are going on a date, the beach or the pool.

What to look for when choosing

A good bikini epilator should have three main characteristics. If you have chosen a model that combines all three, the ideal has been found. So, a high-quality device for hair removal in the bikini area must meet the following requirements.

  1. Battery powered. Power cables are a thing of the past. There are many compact, lightweight and cordless epilators on the market today. They are head and shoulders above their opponents on a leash. You can use it anywhere from bathroom to bedroom. It does not require an outlet, and the wire does not twist around the leg. Modern models hold a charge of 30-40 minutes, which is enough to remove hair.
  2. Work speed. The more tweezers and speeds, the better for your skin. 40 tweezers will cut hairs faster than 20, and the presence of 2-3 speeds will allow you to spend as much time on the procedure as you plan. Just select the most comfortable mode – and forward to smooth skin.
  3. A large number of nozzles. Less pain, more convenience. The more nozzles in the kit, the better it will be to remove from different areas of the body. If you want to remove hair only in the bikini area, the epilator kit must have at least one special attachment for this area. Nozzles for other zones will also not be superfluous.

Top epilators for the bikini area

Traditionally, the best models are produced by 2 companies that every girl knows – this is Panasonic and Brown. Strong brands that have come a long way in creating the most suitable beauty devices. Consider the 3 best models of these manufacturers.

1. Panasonic ES-ED93-P520

48 tweezers on two rotating discs for a thorough and professional hair removal. In addition to the standard functionality (hair removal of arms, legs, body, sensitive areas), also allows you to create intimate haircuts and polish heels using a special nozzle. No more rough skin!
Panasonic ES-ED93-P520

Advice! To achieve maximum effect and reduce discomfort, epilate with foam. The device also works in the bathroom, so you will not feel any obstacles.

The head of the device slides over the body, repeating its every bend, due to which the removal is quick and almost painless. Complete with whole 7 extra attachmentsbut first of all, the model is designed specifically for epilation of the bikini area.
Panasonic ES-ED93-P520 on Yandex Market

2. Braun Silk-epil 7 Wet&Dry

Waterproof 2 speed epilator with 40 tweezers. It has an interesting feature – an ultrasonic peeling nozzle. It massages the skin of your body and relieves tension, neutralizing pain in the most delicate areas. The second plus is the presence in the kit trimmer for bikini area. Lovers of intimate haircuts will surely appreciate it.

Braun Silk epil 7 Wet&Dry

In addition, in the box with the device you will find a nozzle for face, body, massage and a compact charger. An excellent model of a multifunctional modern epilator.
Braun Silk epil 7 Wet&Dry on Yandex Market

3. Panasonic ESELeightA

A powerful device with an elegant design that hides 60 micro tweezers for high-quality hair removal from your body. Two discs spin at 3 speeds, allowing you to control the process to the maximum. The first roller removes most of the hairs, and the second cuts off the rest. No more need to pass the same place several times. This means that less time will be spent on epilation, and the skin will not be irritated.

Panasonic ES-EL8A

The bikini cap and the delicate epilation cap are two tools for removing hairs in the most delicate place. Not every epilator can boast of such an arsenal. Forget about discomfort or pain using special foam. It will soften the skin and help to avoid unpleasant consequences.
epilator Panasonic ES-EL8A on Yandex Market