burdock face oil

Many people know that this remedy helps hair. But as it turned out, burdock oil is very well suited for the face. It has a lot of useful properties, favorably affects the epidermis and helps in solving various dermatological and cosmetic problems.

Is it possible to smear the face with burdock oil?

Years of experience show that this substance is actually very gentle and can be used on delicate facial skin. The composition of burdock oil speaks for itself. It contains a huge amount of vitamins of different groups, zinc, iron, copper, manganese, inulin, tannins. Thanks to them, burdock oil for facial skin can:

  • soften;
  • rejuvenate and restore cells;
  • protect against undesirable environmental influences;
  • fight rashes of various origins;
  • retain vital moisture;
  • normalize the activity of the sebaceous glands;
  • smooth wrinkles;
  • cleanse pores;
  • start metabolic processes;
  • have a bactericidal effect;
  • eliminate inflammation.

First of all, the use of burdock oil for the face is recommended for owners of aging skin, as well as girls suffering from peeling, enlarged pores, or excessively oily skin.

You can use the tool not only for the face. It treats the skin well on the body. Makes it more pleasant to the touch, burdock face oil for acneevens out the color and helps to maintain a good tone. The substance is recommended to be added to body creams. It also makes excellent wellness baths.

How can you use burdock oil for your face?

Like any oil, burdock is sold quite concentrated. It is not recommended to use it in this form – you can get burns. It is advisable to use the concentrate only for the treatment of acne, acne and other dermatological problems. In this case, you need to drop one or two drops of the product on the problem area and leave it to be absorbed.

To use burdock oil for acne, you need to dilute it with a small amount of water (in a ratio of one to one – ideal). Pre-cleanse the skin with a decoction of chamomile or linden, and then gently rub the healing mixture with massaging movements. Massage should be continued for about three minutes. Even if after that a little means remains on the surface, it’s okay. Do not wash it off, over time, the oil will be completely absorbed into the epidermis.