bronzing powder

Bronzing powder is a regular compact dark powder. It is simply necessary for any woman, as it allows you to refresh your face and instantly give it a beautiful bronze tan. But this effect can only be achieved by choosing a shade that is ideal for your tone and skin type.

How to choose a bronzing powder?

The color range of bronzing powders for the face is incredibly extensive. The choice of the optimal shade depends on the natural tone of your skin. Bring the package with such a tool to your face and look in the mirror. The bronzer should be just a couple of shades darker than your natural skin tone. It is also necessary to ensure that the shade of the powder does not have a yellow undertone. Using such a remedy, you will get an unhealthy complexion.

The owner of fair skin is better to choose only soft colors, such as peach or honey. Medium skin tones are perfect for powders with a bronzing effect in gold or pink. But for those who have dark skin, you need to use exclusively copper or brown tones with a slight sheen.

How to use bronzing powder?

This powder is applied with a velvet puff, a large round brush with natural bristles (to create a translucent finish) or a flat synthetic brush (for a dense coverage). If the skin has a greasy sheen, it should be blotted with a cosmetic tissue. It is advisable to use bronzing powder after foundation has been applied. This is necessary because this remedy is not suitable for hiding imperfections in the skin. If you do not have obvious skin problems, then before applying bronzing powder, simply moisten it with your usual face cream.

You need to use a bronzer, observing the following procedure:

  1. Pick up the powder on the brush, shake off the excess and spread it evenly over the entire face in a circular motion.
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  3. Pick up more powder and blend it well on the protruding parts (forehead, bridge of the nose, cheekbones).
  4. bronzing powder how to use 2

  5. Apply a small amount of powder on the neck and décolleté area.
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  7. To make the face chiseled and more expressive, apply powder under the cheekbones, touching the temples a little, and darken the chin line with it.
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