boils on the body causes treatment

Furuncles – painful and very unpleasant purulent formations on the skin. As a rule, the size of boils varies from a pea to a bean, but sometimes the abscess reaches the size of a chicken egg. The causes of the appearance of boils on the body and methods of treating furunculosis will be considered further.

Causes of boils on the body

The causative agent of furunculosis is staphylococcus or streptococcus. The cause of boils on the body can be:

  • weakening of the immune system;
  • non-compliance with hygiene rules;
  • excessive sweating;
  • violation of metabolic processes in the body;
  • infectious diseases;
  • inflammation of the epidermis of the skin;
  • chronic diseases;
  • lack of vitamins and minerals.

The immediate cause of the appearance of boils throughout the body is often banal hypothermia in the cold season.

Attention! Of particular danger are purulent formations on the face and in the neck, since the infection in these cases can easily enter the brain.

Treatment of boils

Treatment methods for boils on the body and the choice of medications largely depend on the cause of furunculosis and the degree of inflammation of the abscesses. In the event of the appearance of a single purulent formation in the peripheral parts of the body, for example, on the leg, local therapy is prescribed:

  • anesthetic blockade with saline around the affected area;
  • dressings with a solution of sodium chloride;
  • applications with Vishnevsky ointment or Shostakovsky balm;
  • ultraviolet irradiation.

With severe suppuration, surgical removal of the boil under local anesthesia is indicated, including drainage pumping out of the pus accumulation and elimination of the formation rod.

Extensive and complicated furunculosis requires treatment of the patient in a hospital. In this case, antimicrobial therapy is used in combination with restorative and vitamin agents. If the disease is running, then it is impossible to do without antibiotics in the form of ointments and tablets.

Important! With an inflamed boil, you should lubricate not only the affected area, but also the adjacent surface of the skin several times a day.

Treatment of furunculosis folk remedies

Regardless of the cause of the appearance of a boil on the body, treatment with folk remedies does not lose its relevance at the present time. Here are some popular and effective recipes.

baked onion

A baked onion is a simple and time-tested remedy for a boil. In order to use it for medicinal purposes, the onion head should be peeled, then baked in the oven until it becomes soft. The cooled onion must be cut in half, one of the halves should be applied to the inflamed area and bandaged. After a few hours, replace the bulb, after treating the skin with hydrogen peroxide or alcohol. The procedure is repeated until the boil leaks out.

Buckwheat tortilla with baking soda


  • buckwheat – 3 tablespoons;
  • baking soda – 1 teaspoon.

Preparation and application

Bake buckwheat in a frying pan until it turns golden. Grind the cooled groats into flour and mix with soda. Add water to make a pasty mass, form a cake, put it on the boil and secure with a bandage. Change boils on the body causes treatment drugs buckwheat cake preferably twice a day.

Effective remedies against boils in the people are:

  • grated raw potatoes on a fine grater;
  • lotions from cranberry juice;
  • ground lilac leaves;
  • carrot or beet pulp;
  • bread crumb soaked in soda solution.