beautiful makeup for green eyes

Green eyes are a rare gift of nature that can transform any appearance. That’s why beautiful makeup for green eyes is, first of all, makeup that emphasizes their color, enhances it. This effect can be achieved in different ways, because not every woman dares to appear in public with bright purple or pink shadows, although it is their makeup artists who recommend green-eyed beauties in the first place.

Features of a beautiful daytime makeup for green eyes

Beautiful everyday makeup for green eyes must meet several requirements at once:

  • be simple and easy to apply;
  • do not overload the image;
  • emphasize the natural shade of the eyes;
  • be persistent.

With the last point, the easiest thing is that there will be enough base for shadows and good mascara, for example, thermoactive. This will not crumble and will not smudge throughout the day.

In order for makeup to complement the image, and not dictate it, you should limit the number of makeup techniques used. For example, if you wear arrows – give up shadows, or choose a neutral shade of eyeliner: light brown, gray, taupe. This will help to leave the main focus directly on the shade of the eyes. If you want to enhance your natural green color of the iris, choose makeup using shades of the same shade and mascara. In this case, the shadows should contrast with the color of the eyes: be copper, lilac, pink.

Beautiful light makeup for green eyes will be easier to perform if you follow these rules:

  1. For those who have yellow blotches in the iris, it is better not to use lilac and purple shadows. They enhance this particular pigment.
  2. Over black or brown mascara, you can apply colored – purple, or green. This will give the eye color depth, but will be less noticeable than bright shadows.
  3. The greater the contrast, the clearer and brighter the eyes. Beautiful makeup for gray-green eyes involves copper and coral shades. For those with marsh eyes, cool pinks, violets and lilacs are more suitable. If you have dark green eyes that fade into aqua, opt for terracotta and reddish brown eyeshadow and eyeliner.

Rules for applying beautiful evening makeup for green eyes

In evening makeup, it is also important to maintain contrast. In this case, one should take into account not only the shade of green at the iris, but also the degree of color saturation. Light green eyes are more suitable for dark, well-pigmented shades. Dark eyes are best emphasized by light shadows and decorative cosmetics in neutral colors. Black and dark gray make-up is acceptable for almost all green-eyed women, but if you prefer these colors, look for bright shades that enhance green eyes when choosing blush and lipstick. Pale pink, bright red, or brick accent on the lips or cheekbones is quite capable of replacing shadows. This rule is especially useful for those of us who have not yet mastered the technique of applying complex makeup using several shades of shadows and shading them.

Hair color also plays a significant role. Beautiful make-up for brunettes with green eyes cannot be the same as make-up for blondes. In general, the transformation process can be reduced to the following rules:

  1. Women with a bright contrasting appearance should choose more discreet eye makeup options, focusing on the lips.
  2. It is important for blondes to remember that pink shades of the wrong shade can make the face look pale and painful. If in doubt about the choice, apply pink shadows only on the fixed part of the eyelid.
  3. Green eye color is an outstanding accent in itself, so it is better to use less cosmetic products in makeup.
  4. Red-haired green-eyed women should avoid black eyeliner and mascara – they make the face look rougher.
  5. If you decide to use green shadows, their shade should not repeat the color of the eyes. Ideally, choose the most different green.