eyelash balm

The use of low-quality cosmetics, improperly selected makeup removers, as well as exposure to temperature extremes, sun and wind, cause the condition of the cilia to deteriorate. However, now they produce a lot of restorative products, one of which is eyelash balm. It returns the natural beauty, accelerates the growth of hairs, makes them more magnificent. You can achieve a positive result by using the means given in the article.

Popular eyelash growth balms

Consider the most common drugs used to maintain the beauty of cilia:

  1. Cream Double Lash firms Mavalaproduced from hop extract, which activates metabolic processes and enhances hair growth.
  2. Balm brand Mirra Suite consists of grape, castor oil and jojoba, as well as esters of jasmine, ylang-ylang. This tool moisturizes and intensively nourishes the roots, prevents brittleness and eliminates peeling and dryness of the eyelids.
  3. For growth, a good balm is the company’s gel Evelinedue to the inclusion of castor oil and coenzymes Q10.
  4. Enhances growth, prevents their loss cream brand LIERAC. Its use allows you to make the cilia more voluminous and magnificent.

Balm for eyelashes at home

You can also independently prepare medicinal compositions, which in their properties are not inferior to purchased products:

  1. A mixture of rose oil, vitamin A and a small amount of fish oil (optional) can be used as a bedtime mask.
  2. A good tonic is a combination of aloe juice, castor oil and vitamin E.
  3. It is also useful to apply chopped parsley, diluted with aloe juice with the addition of any vegetable oil (castor oil is suitable).

In addition to the listed products, it is useful to apply such oils undiluted: