why do bags appear under the eyes

Almost every girl is concerned about her appearance. And as practice shows, most of the fair sex have to wonder why there are bags under the eyes. The reasons for this problem can be different. Fortunately, in most cases they are harmless.

Why do bags under the eyes appear?

Consider the main reasons:

  1. One of the most common causes is fatigue. Sometimes emotional overstrain and severe stress join the latter.
  2. From the appearance of edema, people working at a computer often suffer. Many people think that the radiation emitted from the screens only affects the eyeballs, but in fact, the delicate skin around them can also suffer.
  3. An important reason why bags under the eyes appear in the morning is excessive fluid accumulation. Therefore, cosmetologists do not recommend drinking a lot at night. Water simply does not have time to leave the body and collects in edema.
  4. In some ladies, puffiness appears as a result of frequent trips to the solarium.
  5. To the question of why bags under the eyes appear with age, there is a fairly simple answer. All due to the fact that the skin ages and stretches, and fiber grows in excess under it.
  6. It is quite normal for swelling under the eyes in pregnant women in the later stages. In the organisms of future mothers, salt and water can linger.
  7. If there are no visible reasons why bags under the eyes appear when you smile, most likely the problem is in a genetic predisposition.
  8. Puffiness can also be explained by hormonal disruptions.

How to fix the problem?

So that bags under the eyes do not bother you in the morning, it is recommended not to wash your face immediately before going to bed and sleep in a comfortable position – so that your head is slightly higher than your torso. It will also benefit from a change in diet – more vitamins and nutrients should be added to it.