white tattoo

The new rush of fashion is white tattoos. Soon after the appearance of drawings with white paint on the skin, they were heavily criticized. But this did not stop unusual tattoos from gaining recognition from fans of everything extraordinary and new. And the criticism, it should be noted, was completely unfounded.

Features of a tattoo with white paint

White tattoos to an inexperienced person can easily be mistaken for scarring. But if you look closely, of course, you can notice significant differences. The main one is that the tattoo is more accurate and elegant.

Geometric designs and tribal look best in white. Another favorite motif of the fair sex is lace patterns. And they look amazing in white. In general, female white tattoos can be made in any design. The only condition is that a professional master who is well versed in the features of the new technology should be engaged in drawing.

One of the main features of a white tattoo is that it is not suitable for everyone. On owners of fair skin, the drawings will not look perfect. Ideally, white tattoos are suitable for naturally dark-skinned girls and those who cannot imagine their life without sunbathing and tanning.

Technique of application and care of white tattoos

Before choosing a master and deciding on a pattern, you need to understand for yourself that white ink for tattoos differs quite a lot from traditional black ones. They are more tender, burn out faster and lose their appearance if the correction is not made in time. In order not to subject tattoos with white paint to tests, it is not very desirable to do them on the wrists, legs, shoulders – that is, in those places that are most often exposed to the sun and external factors.

Tattoos are stuffed using the same technique as traditional black or color drawings. A stencil is used to transfer the pattern to the skin. And in order for the drawing to reliably sink into the skin, in some places you need to go through the paint twice, or even three times. The main problem is that white ink is not absorbed by the skin as quickly and easily as color or black ink.

Caring for tattoo inscriptions or drawings made with white paint is simple:

  1. At first, it is recommended to hide the tattoo from the sun.
  2. Do not wash the drawing for the first few weeks.
  3. It is highly undesirable to do a chemical peel – some elements destroy the ink.
  4. Even after the drawing has completely healed, it must be treated with sunscreen before contact with direct sunlight.