White spots on the skin after sunburn

Not to visit the sea in summer is simply a sin. At least that’s what most of the fair sex thinks. Nobody wants to be left without an attractive chocolate tan. That is why many ladies even resort to the services of solariums. Unfortunately, contact with ultraviolet rays does not work out favorably for everyone. Some people develop white patches on their skin after sun exposure. They do not itch and do not cause discomfort, but the neoplasms do not look too pleasant, which seriously spoils the mood.

What causes white spots on the skin after sun exposure?

A special pigment, melanin, is responsible for a uniform beautiful tan. It is produced in cells called melanocytes. One of the main tasks of the pigment is to protect the epidermis from the negative effects of the sun. And as practice shows, people in whose body melanin is produced in a small amount suffer from white spots much more often.

The main reasons why white spots appear on the skin of the back, arms, abdomen and face after sunburn are:

  1. Most often, the formation of white spots on the body is the result of exposure to the body of fungi and infections. Many ladies do not even suspect that they are infected with pityriasis versicolor until they get into the sun. Pathogenic microorganisms can live safely on the skin and do not manifest themselves in any way. The sun, increased sweating, air humidity and weakened immunity give them the opportunity to multiply. Initially, the spots simply differ from the rest of the skin in color. But over time, they begin to itch and peel off a lot.
  2. In some girls, white spots on the skin after sunburn are the result of a genetic disorder. The latter is called hypomelanosis. This disease cannot be cured. Unfortunately, the only way to protect against the formation of white spots is to avoid sun exposure to the skin. An alternative option – the use of sunscreen – is not suitable for everyone.
  3. White spots can also appear if the procedures in the solarium are not taken correctly. That is why it is so important to regularly change the position of the body while in the cockpit.
  4. It also happens that after sunburn, burns first appear on the skin, and then white spots appear. This phenomenon is called vitiligo. When the cells are diseased, they cannot produce enough melanin.
  5. In people with fair skin, the formation of white spots may indicate poikiloderma. This is a benign skin disease. Most often, the epidermis brightens in the neck and chest. Sometimes, in addition to white spots, dark areas also appear on the skin.
  6. Some organisms react with white spots to certain medications. To avoid their appearance, it is advisable to carefully read the instructions for use of any medication.

Treatment of white spots formed on the skin after sunburn

To begin effective treatment, first of all, you should determine the causes of the formation of white spots. For example, fungal infections are treated with special ointments. After the examination, a specialist will help you choose the most suitable remedy.

It is very useful for the body to follow a diet. It is desirable to remove animal proteins from the diet. Instead, add vegetables, fruits and White spots after sun treatmentmore natural food. Before going out into the sun, you should drink a large amount of liquid: juices, tea, purified water.

Alternative treatment will also help remove white spots after sunburn. The most popular tools include:

  • boiled rice;
  • sandalwood powder;
  • ordinary garden parsley;
  • dill;
  • cabbage;
  • St. John’s wort.