Wen on the neck - the best methods for eliminating lipoma

The appearance of a wen on the neck quite logically causes concern. The rapid growth of such a tubercle is even more alarming. You can’t let the situation take its course, but you shouldn’t panic either. In medicine, such a wen is called a “lipoma”. This is a neoplasm of a benign nature, consisting of lipid cells.

Wen on the neck – causes

Modern medicine today they are still not defined. It is believed that the lipoma on the neck is hereditary. In other words, if one of the parents had this bump, it may appear in the child. There are also a number of other provocateur factors:

  • diabetes;
  • a sedentary lifestyle, which disrupts blood microcirculation;
  • dysfunction in the work of the sebaceous glands;
  • hormonal changes;
  • infectious diseases that cause disturbances in the work of the hypothalamus;
  • osteoporosis;
  • unbalanced diet (oversaturation of the diet with fats);
  • smoking and other bad habits;
  • metabolic disorder;
  • poor immunity.

Wen on the neck – symptoms

Its size can vary: from a tiny pea to a formation with a diameter of about 10 cm. The wen on the neck is mobile (after pressing, the bump moves under the skin). It gradually grows, causing inconvenience to its owner. This is what a wen looks like on the neck: it is a rounded, spherical tubercle. The following symptoms are characteristic of this neoplasm:

  • the skin near the tubercle does not change its color;
  • the appearance of a seal is not accompanied by intoxication, fever and other inflammatory signs;
  • the size of the bump does not change with increasing body weight.

What is dangerous wen on the neck?

By itself, the neoplasm is harmless. In addition, the likelihood that the tubercle will degenerate into a malignant tumor is low. More dangerous is a deep lipoma of the neck. First, it appears on the back and side sections. Further, the tubercles grow and unite into something whole. Such a huge wen, which appeared on the neck, creates many problems:

  • the cervical region is bent;
  • there is an infringement of the nerves;
  • blood supply is disturbed;
  • tormented by severe pain;
  • breathing is disturbed.

Wen on the neck – how to get rid of?

wen on neck how to get rid of

Treatment of a lipoma or its removal is carried out only after the doctor conducts a visual examination of the tubercle. If necessary, an X-ray examination is prescribed. It helps the doctor to make a conclusion: what is remarkable about this lipoma on the neck – whether it should be removed or whether it is possible to get rid of the lump in a therapeutic way. If the problem persists, additional diagnostic procedures are required. Such a wen on the neck provides for more serious treatment. In severe situations, diagnosis involves the following procedures:

  • cytological examination of puncture material;
  • ultrasound;
  • MRI.

Lipoma on the neck – treatment with folk remedies

If the neoplasm is small in size (up to 1 cm), you can try to get rid of it with home-made “medicines”. Folk remedies are designed to increase blood circulation in the area where the lipoma is located, which will contribute to the resorption of the tubercle. However, these same “drugs” can enhance the growth of the neoplasm. For this reason, a lipoma on the neck is treated (including folk remedies) under the supervision of a doctor.

Garlic oil compress


  • garlic – 1 large clove;
  • vegetable oil – 2 tbsp. spoons.

Preparation, application:

  1. The peeled clove is crushed into gruel using a fine grater.
  2. Mix garlic mass with oil.
  3. The composition is applied to the wen and wrapped with a bandage on top. Such a compress should be kept for a couple of hours.

Baked onions – an effective “drug” for lipoma on the neck


  • onion – 1 small;
  • dark laundry soap – 1 tbsp. a spoon.

Preparation, application:

  1. The husk is removed from the root crop and baked in the oven or microwave.
  2. Mix onion puree with powdered soap.
  3. The resulting mass is applied to the bump 2-3 times a day for a couple of hours.

Removal of a wen on the neck surgically

neck lipoma removal

If the therapeutic treatment does not give the desired result, the doctor may recommend surgery. Removal of a wen on the neck (if its size does not exceed 3-4 cm) is carried out endoscopically. A special preparation is introduced into the capsule for 30-45 days, which dissolves the bump. When a large lipoma is on the neck, removal is performed surgically. Such an operation can be performed both in stationary and outpatient conditions.

Here’s how to remove a lipoma on the neck:

  1. Excision method – the skin is cut and the capsule is cut out. Its disadvantage is that after such a removal of the wen, relapses often occur.
  2. Aspiration-puncture method – a special needle is inserted into the wen and with the help of it the contents of the capsule are sucked out. After such an intervention, an inflammatory process often begins on the neck.
  3. laser method – helps to get rid of the infiltrate without recurrence and unpleasant consequences.

What to do if a wen on the neck is inflamed?

Such a reaction of the body indicates that an infection has entered the capsule. As a result, an inflammatory process began, which can lead to the development of a skin disease or exacerbation of existing chronic diseases. It is impossible to remove such a lipoma surgically! This wen under the skin on the neck needs special treatment. The doctor will make every effort to stop the inflammation, and at the same time relieve pain. Such therapy involves the introduction of corticosteroids and antibiotics into the bump using a thin needle.