Types of bangs

When a girl is faced with choosing the shape of a bang, you should not focus on fashion, which changes every year. There are different types of bangs that can highlight the correct proportions of your face:

  1. Oblique bangs. Such a bang evens out the proportions of the faces of girls who have a round, oval or square face shape.
  2. Straight long bangs. This type of bangs is now very fashionable.
  3. Short graduated bangs. The only type of bangs that is suitable for girls with a round face shape.
  4. Layered scalloped bangs. Choosing this type of bangs, the girl will always look stylish.
  5. Classic bangs. Such bangs should be chosen by owners of an oval or triangular face. It hides flaws and softens angularity.

It is worth making sure that the bangs are an addition to the image, while taking into account such important factors as the shape of the face, haircut, color and structure of the hair. According to experts, bangs should be worn by those girls who have an oval or elongated face shape. But for chubby women it is better to refuse bangs. Properly selected bangs can emphasize the eyes, make them more expressive. Below we will consider the types of bangs according to the shape of the face.

Types of bangs for an oval face

Girls, whose distinguishing feature is an oval face shape, long bangs to the eyebrows or a little lower are ideal. Although any type of bangs is suitable for owners of an oval face, since it is this face shape that is standard, and all those whom nature has endowed with a different shape strive to create such a shape. With an oval face shape, bangs can be made long, short, thick or thinned out. Also, oblique bangs of various types will look very good.

Owners of an oval face can choose a straight, long bang from the top of the head to the eyes. It is in harmony with long or straight hair, which is neatly gathered in a ponytail, or loosely lying on the shoulders. Straight thick bangs will give the girl mystery and focus on the eyes. Straight bangs, parted with an oblique or straight parting, will look good laid on the side.

Now oblique bangs are very fashionable. It is in harmony with any hairstyle, both with long straight hair and naughty curly hair.

Types of bangs for a round face

Owners of a round face need a bang, because it visually stretches the face. The simplest and most common is a straight bang, but its disadvantage is that it is not suitable for everyone. Those who have a round face should choose these types of straight bangs:

  1. Smooth straight bangs. This version of the bangs is not advisable to use for owners of thick hair. She looks great with a square no higher than the level of the chin, or long hair.
  2. Straight bangs with torn edges. It goes well with long hair, medium length haircuts. Also, this form of bangs needs proper styling.

Bangs on the side refers to the asymmetrical types of bangs and is considered the most successful option for chubby ladies. Due to the elongated line, which tends downward, the accents of the face are shifted in the vertical direction. There are the following types of bangs on the side: short, with protruding tips, medium or long, which covers one eye.

Types of long bangs

If nature has rewarded you with a high forehead, then long bangs, of which there are several types, will suit you like no one else:

  1. Long straight bangs. It will help to make the outlines of the face symmetrical and attractive. For such bangs, there are many types of pinning.
  2. Long bangs combed to the side. This type of bangs is suitable for the fairer sex, who have a triangular face.
  3. If you have a rectangular face, then you better choose a rare symmetrical long bangs.
  4. Long bangs PIKABOO. This is the name of a bang that closes the eyes, but its minus is that it is not practical.
  5. Ragged long textured bangs. Such bangs can be chosen by women with a heavy lower part of the face or chin.
  6. Universal feather bangs. It will look great with all types of faces.
  7. Bangs “Bohemian chic”. This is the name of a long bang that reaches to the very eyelashes. Such bangs can be suitable for everyday fuss.

Among the various types of bangs, it is better to give preference to one that will not only radically change your appearance, but also emphasize the perfection of your face and hide imperfections.