tooth powder benefits and harms

The basis of tooth powder is finely dispersed chalk or dry clay, to which abrasive minerals, sea salt, essential oils and various flavors (mint, cloves, mustard, black cumin, etc.) are added. The hygienic properties of the product have been known to mankind for more than two centuries. Let’s find out the opinion of experts in the field of dentistry about the benefits and harms of tooth powder.

What is the benefit of tooth powder?

The question of whether it is useful to brush your teeth with tooth powder is often asked by dentists. Indeed, those who start using the powder, after a short time, notice how much whiter their teeth become. Among the advantages of this product for the care of teeth and oral cavity:

  1. High degree of abrasiveness. The powder in the best way removes food debris, plaque, stones and polishes the enamel to a shine.
  2. Pronounced whitening effect. Tooth powder helps to eliminate marks on the enamel from nicotine, strong tea and coffee. You can effectively whiten darkened teeth by making applications from a thick slurry. The product should be kept for 10-15 minutes, then rinse with water.
  3. The ability to loosen tartar.
  4. Strengthening and disinfecting properties. It is especially useful to use tooth powder for people suffering from gum disease.
  5. naturalness of the product. This quality is especially significant for the apologists of a healthy lifestyle.

For some families, the fact that dentifrice powder costs much less than toothpaste is also important.

Disadvantages of Tooth Powder

When deciding whether tooth powder is good for teeth, you should not lose sight of the disadvantages of this hygiene product. Note the disadvantages of powder for teeth:

  1. The strong abrasive qualities of the product with daily use can lead to abrasion of enamel or exacerbate tooth sensitivity.
  2. No pronounced refreshing effect.
  3. tooth powder benefits

  4. Inconvenient packaging that is difficult to open and easy to tip over.
  5. The impossibility of observing hygiene rules, especially when used by several family members, because by dipping the brush into the product, we inevitably bring moisture and dirt from the toothbrush into the box.

In most cases, experts advise to prevent the formation of tartar and the appearance of dark spots on the enamel, brushing with tooth powder no more than twice a week, using toothpaste the rest of the time.