thin eyebrows

Eyebrows play an important role in creating a beautiful and fashionable image. If you choose the wrong shape for them, the shape of the face will be distorted, and the look will become expressionless. But what if you have very thin eyebrows? Dont be upset. They can also perfectly emphasize the natural beauty of the face.

Who are thin eyebrows for?

Thin eyebrows are not suitable for every woman. Such “strings” will complement a face with medium-sized features well. They are best done with a moderate curve for those who have a round face shape. This will help visually make it more elongated. Thin eyebrows with a high bend go to those who naturally got an oval face shape. They will make the look bewitching and intriguing.

Who shouldn’t have thin eyebrows?

Thin eyebrows, even with a beautiful and regular bend, should never be “worn” by women with:

  • big chin or nose;
  • square or triangular face shape;
  • large, wide-set eyes.

A thin line will break the proportionality of the face and make the appearance a little comical.

How to make thin eyebrows?

No matter how thick the eyebrows are, they must have the correct architecture. But how to make beautiful “threads” with a smooth bend from thin eyebrows? For this you need:

  1. Comb the eyebrows and remove excess hairs with tweezers so that the beginning of the eyebrow is located in line with the wing of the nose, and the highest point is located on the beam passing from it through the pupil to the wing of the nose.
  2. thin eyebrows what to do

  3. Shorten long hairs at the base of the eyebrow with scissors.
  4. thin eyebrows what to do 2

  5. Paint over the eyebrow with shadows, well shading all the gaps with light movements, as if drawing individual hairs, and highlight the corner and tip (the shadows should be absolutely matte and cold shades).
  6. thin eyebrows what to do 3

  7. Emphasize the contour of the eyebrow by applying light shadow or concealer to the skin around it.
  8. thin eyebrows what to do 4

Straight thin eyebrows can only be done for those who have an elongated face.