under breast tattoo

Tattoos have long ceased to be an attribute of informal youth or brutal rock musicians. Today, tattoos under the breasts are very popular among women, which at the same time draw attention to this part of the body and are easily hidden from prying eyes under clothing.

Women’s tattoos under the breast

Depending on the temperament, beliefs and worldview, girls choose different patterns.

So, romantic and dreamy natures prefer the following images:

Even large colored tattoos look great in such cases, for example, Japanese sakura during the flowering period, a climbing plant.

Women who are fond of mysticism and esotericism often put on the body a variety of sacred symbols, images of animals with suitable character traits (snake, tiger, lion, scorpion), talisman pictures. The proximity of the pattern to the heart area also allows the use of protective amulets; it has become popular to fill the area under the chest with images of angels, Orthodox and Catholic crosses.

If you do not attach much importance to a tattoo, but appreciate the aesthetics and appearance, the masters advise all kinds of Celtic, Slavic, Gothic and Egyptian patterns. They look very beautiful, rich in intricate weaves that look attractive in color.

Tattoo inscription under the chest

This type of tattoo is suitable for women who care about the symbolism of the applied pattern. Most requested inscriptions:

  • sayings of famous people;
  • folk wisdom;
  • aphorisms;
  • names of close people;
  • significant dates;
  • poems and excerpts from works.

You can choose any language for the text, the most popular now are Latin, English, French and Chinese (in the form of hieroglyphs). It is important to remember: when choosing your favorite sketches of a tattoo under the breast in the form of an inscription, you must first clarify the translation with a specialist in order to avoid embarrassment in the future.

Unusual tattoos for girls under the chest

Bold natures and extravagant women will definitely like the modern style of skin clogging – 3D biomechanics. Such images are a visually voluminous pattern that combines mechanical elements (gears, bolts, springs) and biological elements (muscles, organs). The tattoo must be large; on closer examination, it seems that the upper part of the body is missing at the place where the picture is applied and the insides are open.