solarium tanning products

Many girls love summer mainly because at this time of the year the skin acquires a very seductive chocolate shade. But now it is not necessary to wait for the summer months to look tanned. Artificial UV rays will help you look attractive all year round. The main thing is to stock up on tanning products in the solarium and you can safely go for the procedure. True, many of the fair sex do not recognize such cosmetics. And very in vain.

Why do you need tanning products in a solarium?

Like natural UV rays, artificial UV rays can damage the skin. In addition, it is important to understand that even special cameras will not be able to make a permanent tan that can last for several months.

Solarium products are needed so that the skin darkens more quickly and evenly, and the tanned shade subsequently lasts as long as possible. Before using them, it does not hurt to do a scrubbing of the epidermis.

How to choose tanning products?

There are several main types of cosmetics for artificial tanning:

  1. Activators are needed to enhance the effect.
  2. The use of developers contributes to a more active production of melanin.
  3. Prolongators, as you can understand, make the tan more persistent. They also moisturize and soften the skin.

The best activators for a solarium are those that cause a tingle effect and contain tyrosine. The latter is a protein that is directly involved in the production of melanin. Such cosmetics gives a slight burning and tingling effect. But this only adds realism to the process of tanning in a solarium. It is undesirable to apply activators immediately before the session. It is better to do this a couple of hours before the procedure.

Tanning products in the tanning salon sometimes contain bronzers – substances that additionally color the skin. Sometimes they are offered a natural alternative – a glass of freshly squeezed carrot juice, for example, has a similar result. After a delicious drink, the tan goes much better.

Cosmetics must be chosen carefully. It must be quite expensive. Otherwise, the desired result will not be achieved. The best for tanning in a solarium are the products of such manufacturers:

  • Aloha;
  • solarium tanning products

  • Soleo;
  • Super;
  • Devoted Creations;
  • Oenobiol;
  • Erickson Laboratories;
  • Australian Gold;
  • Supetan;
  • star;
  • Tannymax;
  • Imedeen.