swelling under the eyes causes and treatment

The causes and treatment of swelling under the eyes are closely related. If the swelling is caused by fluid stagnation, you will have to visit a nephrologist, if you are overweight, you will get rid of edema by losing weight. There are many other factors that affect the appearance of our eyelids, and we will discuss all of them today.

What is the treatment for swelling under the eyes?

In the event that the kidneys caused swelling under the eyes, the causes determine the treatment. It consists in the normalization of the work of the specified paired organ. For these purposes, it is good to use light diuretic drugs, but something can be done without resorting to pharmacology:

  1. Drink more throughout the day, especially plain clean water.
  2. Give up coffee and strong tea for a while.
  3. Significantly limit the intake of salt and salty foods.
  4. Maintain moderate physical activity on a regular basis.
  5. Be outdoors more often.
  6. Do not drink later than 2 hours before bedtime.

Herpes can also provoke swelling under the eyes, the treatment in this case will be to take Gerpevir and Acyclovir in the form of tablets. In no case should you lubricate the thin skin of the eyelids with herpes ointment. For the period of treatment, it is better to touch the affected area as little as possible, even limiting contact with water.

Treatment of allergic edema under the eyes includes taking antihistamine drugs (Suprastin, Diazolin), as well as applying vasoconstrictor drugs to the eyelids. It can even be Naphthyzine drops! The main thing is not to heat the area around the eyes in order to reduce the metabolism in this area.

If your edema is a consequence of age-related changes, or a genetic predisposition to the growth of periorbital fiber, you will not be able to get rid of them on your own. There are two medical methods – exposure to fiber with an electromagnetic pulse (performed in beauty salons) and blepharoplasty (surgical operation).

Treatment of swelling under the eyes with folk remedies

Treatment of swelling under the eyes at home includes manipulations to remove excess fluid from the body, fight swelling and lift the skin of the eyelids. However, before sharing recipes for folk remedies with you, we suggest that you familiarize yourself with a list of simple and effective tips that not only help eliminate swelling, but also improve the appearance in general:

  1. Every day you should sleep 6-7 hours. The eyelids are badly affected by both deficiency and excess sleep.
  2. Even minutes of intensive walking on foot will keep the muscles (including the face) in good shape.
  3. The pillow should be low and dense enough;
  4. Don’t sleep on your stomach.
  5. Take vitamin A and E on a regular basis.
  6. Stop drinking alcohol.

In order to get rid of swelling under the eyes, flower hydrates are good. Rose, sage and chamomile water are best for the eyes, but extracts from other colors are also suitable. The procedure is extremely simple – the hydralate should be stored in the refrigerator. In the morning and evening, you just need to attach a cotton pad soaked in the product to the eyelids. 1-2 minutes is enough to significantly improve the look.

how to get rid of swelling under the eyes

In general, cold compresses are very useful for the skin of the eyelids, but they should be done very carefully. Firstly, overdoing it can cause inflammation of the lacrimal glands, or mucous membranes, so the temperature should not be too low, and the exposure time should not be long. Secondly, infections often develop in this area, so wash your hands thoroughly before the procedure, use sterile cotton pads.

Our mothers and grandmothers knew a few more remedies to help relieve swelling. One of them is cold tablespoons. They should be alternately applied to the eye socket. You can also cut into circles thoroughly washed and peeled raw potatoes. If you cool these plates in the refrigerator, they will not only reduce puffiness, but also help to reduce dark circles under the eyes.