eye swelling causes

In most people, after waking up, slight swelling of the eyelids is visible, disappearing immediately after washing or within an hour. If the eyes swell strongly, there may be several reasons for this. Let’s consider them in more detail.

Edema of an inflammatory nature

This symptom is typical for:

  • barley;
  • furunculosis;
  • erysipelas;
  • dacryocystitis;
  • chalazion;
  • meibomite.

In each of the cases, in addition to swelling, there is a pronounced redness of the eyelid. Palpation (palpation) determines the presence of compaction – a striking example is the familiar barley. If the causes lie in inflammation, usually one eye swells. The patient complains of soreness of the eyelid when pressed on it.

The very first and important recommendation of doctors in the treatment of barley and other inflammatory eye diseases of a bacterial nature is the use of antibacterial eye drops and ointments.

Allergic swelling of the eyelids

Intolerance to certain foods can make itself felt with unilateral angioedema of the eye (Quincke’s edema), and the reasons should be looked for in the list of dishes consumed the day before. Strong allergens include:

  • fish;
  • seafood;
  • strawberries;
  • citrus;
  • eggs;
  • chocolate;
  • milk.

A similar reaction is sometimes caused by flowering plants and insect bites (wasps, bees). Only one side of the face swells, and the upper eyelid suffers the most. Quincke’s edema occurs suddenly and just as abruptly passes.

Edema of the eyelids of a non-inflammatory nature

If there is no food allergy, as well as redness or soreness of the eyelids, and both eyes swell, the cause may lie in:

  • diseases of the kidneys, liver, cardiovascular system (at the same time there is swelling of the legs, dropsy);
  • an increase in estrogen levels, which is typical for the last days of menstruation and the middle of the cycle;
  • water retention in the body during pregnancy.

If the eyes noticeably swell in the morning, the causes of this phenomenon may be associated with an unhealthy lifestyle:

  • smoking and drinking alcohol;
  • lack of sleep;
  • strict diet;
  • eating spicy and salty foods for dinner.

Also leads to bags under the eyes:

  • sleep in a position with the head lowered below the level of the body;
  • constant use of foundation creams in the area under the lower eyelid;
  • swollen eyes cause

  • lack of make-up removal in the evening;
  • heat;
  • tears before bed
  • insufficient amount of water drunk during the day;
  • applying a nourishing cream just before bedtime (this should be taken care of a couple of hours earlier);
  • sedentary work and a sedentary lifestyle in general.

With age, the circular muscle around the eyes atrophies, so in older people this may be the cause of swelling of the eyes. In overweight people, fat deposits appear under the eyelids, which also resemble “bags”.