Causes of stripes on nails

The perfect manicure is an important component of the image of every girl. Neat hands, of course, give self-confidence. Many do not even think about the reasons why stripes appear on the nails. Although they spoil the appearance, almost no one considers them as a serious problem. In fact, any external changes may indicate serious problems with the body.

Causes of the appearance of white stripes on the nails

The formation of white spots and stripes is scientifically called leukonychia. The disease is false and true. The latter is due to dysfunction of the nail matrix and is extremely rare. The false form of the disease is more common. It can be caused by such factors:

  1. A fairly common cause of white stripes on the nails is considered to be a rigid unbalanced diet. That is, the body has to suffer due to a lack of nutritional minerals and vitamins. That is why experts recommend losing weight under their close supervision and not experimenting.
  2. Constant stress, depression, emotional overstrain, and fatigue negatively affect health. For some, disorders in the functioning of the nervous system are manifested by headaches. And for some, the nail plates are the first to suffer.
  3. Sometimes the cause of transverse stripes on the nails is mechanical damage. Even an ineptly done manicure can provoke a problem.
  4. You may be surprised, but diseases of the gastrointestinal tract can also change the color of the nail. Because of them, food cannot be properly absorbed, and the body, in turn, does not receive vital elements.

Causes of black stripes on the nails

If everyone is used to white spots that appear on the nails from time to time, then black stripes make even the most careless alert. And there are reasons for concern, it should be noted.

One of the most common causes is helminth infestations. People with psoriasis, arthritis and some cardiovascular diseases are more susceptible to the disease.

To others Longitudinal stripes on nailsThe reasons for the appearance of longitudinal stripes on the nails include:

  • too active lifestyle;
  • abuse of incompletely fried meat (in particular, pork);
  • autoimmune diseases;
  • problems with the adrenal glands;
  • hereditary predisposition;
  • ulcers;
  • anemia;
  • vasculitis, accompanied by inflammation of the blood vessels.