eyelash strengthening

Eyelashes, at first glance, are an inconspicuous part of the image. But long and twisted, they certainly catch the eye. To achieve this effect, there are mascaras, you say? Indeed, but they are not always as effective as one would like. It is much more expedient to use additional means to strengthen the eyelashes. They will help to make the hairs stronger, thicker and naturally beautiful.

Strengthening eyelashes with folk remedies

In fact, strengthening eyelashes is a whole range of activities, and only in this case it is possible to achieve the desired result, which will last for a long time:

  1. The problem of many girls is that they remove eye makeup incorrectly. Cosmetics should be removed very carefully from the bridge of the nose to the temples. Do not press hard on the skin – this can damage the hair follicles.
  2. Oils are extremely useful for strengthening eyelashes. Castor oil, for example, helps lengthen hair in less than thirty days. To strengthen the cilia, lotions with olive, sea buckthorn, peach and burdock oil are also used.
  3. Rum with cocoa is an excellent tool for strengthening eyelashes. Apply this mask with a brush. After a quarter of an hour, it is removed with a cotton pad and washed off with warm water. It is recommended to repeat the procedure once a week.
  4. Proper nutrition is very important. It is desirable to add fish, meat dishes, vegetables to the diet. If you have problems with eyelash growth, you can try to give up sweets and spicy foods for a while.
  5. It is useful to use special gels to strengthen eyelashes. The main thing is to choose high-quality branded cosmetics. Otherwise, the situation can only get worse.
  6. A good remedy is a compress with infusion of chamomile, black tea, sage. During the procedure, in order to get the maximum effect, it is recommended to moisten the cotton pad several times.