Bangs straight

A few years ago, a revolution happened in the fashion industry: the world saw tall, thin models walking along the catwalks with original long bangs, geometrically cut, as if they were created not by a hairdresser, but by an architect working on a serious project. Since then, a wave of straight bangs has swept the world: the girls hurried to their masters so that they would embody in them something similar to those models looking at them from under the thick long bangs from glossy magazines.

Straight bangs are so fond of the girls that it is still relevant, despite the trend of nature.

Types of straight bangs and oval face

The classic straight bangs are not suitable for all types of faces, so before deciding to make such a haircut, it is better to choose one of its options in accordance with your external data.

  1. Straight bangs for round and triangular faces. Such faces are suitable for straight bangs to the eyebrows, because. it will not cover a significant part of the face. It is better for chubby people to completely abandon the bangs, but if you want to make a new haircut, then you can choose this bang option, or a straight line in the shape of an arc when the face is more open. For girls with triangular faces, straight bangs slightly above the eyebrows are also suitable.
  2. Straight bangs for an oval and diamond-shaped face. These types of faces are straight bangs from the crown, because. the length of the face allows the bangs to “steal” a little more space than is possible with other face shapes. Bangs in these cases can even cover the eyebrows.
  3. Straight bangs for square and trapezoidal faces. For girls with pronounced cheekbones, creating a square or trapezoid shape, a long bang is suitable, slightly covering the eyebrows. If it is shortened, then three horizontal lines will visually appear: a chin with lower cheekbones, eyebrows and bangs. This should be avoided, so try to create diagonal lines in makeup and hair: the bangs can be slightly rounded down when the sides are shorter than the center.

Evening hairstyles with straight bangs

With straight bangs, you can make a variety of hairstyles: some of them allow you to leave the bangs in the form in which they are, while others modify it a little.

Babette. This hairstyle looks very impressive with straight bangs: separate part of the hair at the crown and back of the head. Stepping back 5-6 cm from the crown, attach a foam roller to the hair so that the strand of hair separated the day before lies on it. Then take this strand, comb it in several stages: first the lowest, then the middle and finally the upper part. Fold exactly this pile on the roller, fix the hair with a hairdryer, and fix the side strands with invisibility. The bangs can be pre-dried with a hairdryer, and to achieve a perfect even line, use an iron at the end. You can also comb straight bangs to the side and decorate the babette with a rim, as Paris Hilton did.

Shell. Separate a section of hair at the crown and nape. Then twist the remaining, main part of the hair into a bundle at the back so that the ends of the hair can be hidden in it. Fix the tourniquet with invisibility and then bouffant at the roots of the strand separated the day before. After that, carefully hide with it all the irregularities of the tourniquet, and hide the ends of the strands in a tourniquet and secure again with invisibility.

In the power of the Madonna. This is a very simple hairstyle: take a curling iron with a large diameter and twist the bangs and side strands away from you. Then twist up the ends of the hair at the back, and the hairstyle is ready.

Elegant curls. Leaving the bangs intact, twist the ends of the hair onto curlers or a curling iron with a large diameter. After that, use your fingers to style the curls so that they look natural, and sprinkle them with varnish.

How to lay straight bangs?

Styling with straight bangs is not diverse: bangs can be perfectly straight and oblique. Styling is done on clean, damp hair using medium-hold hair foam.

How to make bangs perfectly straight? Take two brushes: with rare teeth and round with short bristles. Using the first brush, comb the bangs in the direction of the airflow of the hair dryer, changing positions, as if whipping the hairs. When the bangs are dry, take a round brush, and pulling the hair with it, direct the stream of hot air down. After that, you can use the iron.

How to put bangs on the side? Take a round brush, wind the bangs away from you to one side and dry it in this position with a hairdryer. After that, leave the comb and dry the bangs freely, only directing the hair dryer to the left or right (depending on which direction the styling is done).