The ability to properly use various items of decorative cosmetics can be called a real art and a guarantee of self-confidence. In life, you rarely find something perfect, especially with regard to female beauty. But even if you are so confident in yourself, or in fact have perfect facial features, porcelain skin and jet-black eyelashes, cosmetics will still come in handy even for you in some cases. Only decorative cosmetics can hide bruises under the eyes after a sleepless night, instantly refresh the complexion, emphasize lips and eyes. And if until recently every girl’s cosmetic bag had powder, mascara, eye shadow and several shades of lipstick, today the arsenal of cosmetics has expanded significantly. For example, the so-called shimmer has gained well-deserved popularity – a tool in the form of a pencil or powder, which includes shimmering or reflective particles. Thanks to the shimmer, you can achieve a radiant face, the effect of healthy, toned skin, and give your image a little gloss. As a result, you will get a stunningly well-groomed face and body, because with a shimmer you can emphasize the collarbones, shoulder line or décolleté.

Which shimmer to choose?

So, the shimmer tool is used to give radiance to those parts of the face and body that you want to highlight. It is important to understand that you need to choose a shimmer that is right for you. Therefore, it is important to take into account the type and color of the skin, the time of year, the manufacturer, as well as the consistency: perhaps you will like shimmer powder or, on the contrary, you will like a thick shine in the form of a cream. There are also shimmer pencils that are ideal for highlighting brow ridges and lightly concealing circles under the eyes. Although this tool is light in texture and is considered universal for makeup, you should not abuse the shimmer during daylight hours. It is much more expedient to figure out how to use a shimmer and apply your skills to an evening or formal make-up.

How to use a shimmer?

So, first you need to decide what exactly you want to emphasize with the help of the shimmer tool. For example, you can visually make your eyes bigger, or emphasize the cheekbones, shade the décolleté. Some use the shimmer as a base for makeup, others prefer it as a finishing touch to their make-up.

The next rule to follow when using a shimmer is to use a special tool to apply it. It can be a special wide brush or roller. This is the only way you can apply the product to the desired areas of the skin without streaks. It is important to remember that the “strokes” should be light. Do not press on the brush and do not apply force, otherwise the lines will look rough. If you do not have the skills to use a brush in makeup, you can purchase a shimmer tool in the form of a foundation. In this case, you will be able to create a harmonious radiant makeup quite quickly and without face shimmerusing any additional application tools. You can use such a shimmer during the day, as it will help hide wrinkles and small skin imperfections.

Shimmer in the eye area is also quite easy to use. For example, if you apply it in a thin strip on the upper eyelid, you will get the effect of wide eyes, and if you use a wide line, you will emphasize the superciliary arches.

A facial shimmer is an indispensable tool that will come in handy for any woman, regardless of her age. It creates the effect of young tightened radiant skin, which seems to radiate with health. If you take into account the basic rules of how to use a shimmer, you will be able to create professional makeup with your own hands.