rose water for face

When women had a small choice of industrial cosmetics, they sought to purchase them, by all means. When these funds filled the shelves of stores in huge quantities, the ladies began to think about natural cosmetics made by themselves.

One of the most popular handmade products today is rose water. It is fragrant, infinitely pleasant because of its smell and tenderness, and also good for the skin. Rose water is used for the skin of the face and body as a remedy. Which rejuvenates, moisturizes and improves mood.

The use of rose water in cosmetology

The answer to the question of what rose water is for lies in its composition. It consists of only two ingredients – ordinary water and rose petals.

Rose water dates back to ancient medicine: it was described by Hippocrates and Avicenna as a remedy that cools and soothes the skin. She was popular in ancient Rome and Persia, saving beauties from the hot rays of the sun on hot days.

Today in Europe, rose water is obtained in France, where 3 pounds of roses and 24 buckets of water are used. In Germany, the concentration of rose water is different – they use 1 part water and 6 parts roses for preparation. This is the highest concentration available for rose water. If you increase it, then the water has oil impurities.

Benefits of rose water for the face:

  1. The cleansing properties of rose water help to use the product as a tonic – the final stage of cleansing.
  2. Rose water gives the skin elasticity due to hydration, and therefore it is recommended for all girls from 25 years old – it is at this age that the skin begins to age slowly.
  3. Rose water improves complexion – it saturates the skin with useful substances that activate renewal processes, and therefore, with prolonged and constant use of rose water, you can achieve an even complexion.
  4. Rose water also helps prevent tight skin when used before applying moisturizer.
  5. Rose water will also help soothe the skin after sunburn – it has a slight cooling effect.
  6. Another plus of rose water is the ability to relieve inflammation, and therefore it can be useful for girls with problem skin.
  7. Daily application of rose water helps to eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes.

Thus, rose water can eventually replace many cosmetic products – serums to improve complexion, creams to eliminate bags and dark circles under the eyes, acne tonics and others.

How to make rose water?

To use rose water for the face, you can buy a ready-made product, or you can make it yourself.

First of all, you need to prepare rose petals. Usually, essential oil varieties of roses are used to create rose water (among them the Bourbon Rose). Essential oil is made from these roses, and rose water is made as a by-product.

To obtain rose water, the water distillation method is used – the distillation of a liquid. Valuable in this craft is condensate, which is rose water. At home, this is not difficult to do:

how to make rose water

  1. Collect the required number of rose petals (the more, the richer the water).
  2. Then place them in a low saucepan and pour in some water so that the roses do not fry on the fire.
  3. Place a shallow but wide container in the center of the pan (you can use a deep plate if it is smaller in diameter than the pan) – it will serve as a vessel that will collect condensate – rose water. The container must be clean, as well as all devices used to obtain rose water.
  4. Then cover the pot with the lid upside down so that the handle is in the center of the rose water container.
  5. Turn on a slow fire and wait until the rose water has collected.
  6. Then cool the resulting condensate, add a few drops of lemon to extend the shelf life of water and use the product for your own purposes.