powder eyebrow pencil

In addition to the external design and color scheme, all eyebrow pencils can be divided according to their properties into wax and powder. The name “powdery” speaks for itself. Such a cosmetic pencil has a soft, easy-to-shade texture and is more suitable for owners of soft, obedient, but inconspicuous in color eyebrows. A powder-based eyebrow pencil will allow you to both correct the existing shape and draw the entire eyebrow.

What Makes the Best Powder Brow Pencil?

Each self-respecting cosmetic line has in its arsenal a powder pencil of 4-6 different shades:

  1. Dior Powder Eyebrow Pencil – one of the most popular French brands, which has a powder-talc base and is equipped with a special brush. This fact allows you to give the eyebrows a natural look without the effect of powdering.
  2. Nouba Brow Powder Waterproof – Italian brand, rather combines an eyebrow pencil and shadow. Equipped with a special applicator.
  3. Manli PRO – German-made powder pencil. Compared to the previous brand, this is a budget option, but according to professional makeup artists, the quality is quite high. Despite the content of oils (cotton, palm) and wax, the pencil does not blur.
  4. Cascade of Color – another powder pencil from Germany. For powdery, it is harsh, but it blends well and is of high quality of all its constituent ingredients.
  5. LaCordi (Germany) has 5 shades in the palette, moderately soft and easy to apply. Each component of the pencil has healing properties.
  6. More and more fans appear in powder pencils LUXURY Belarusian production. It has optimal softness and at the same time has sufficient resistance.
  7. Relouis Brow Wow – a high quality powder pencil jointly produced by Belarus and Italy.