Pointy nails - 27 manicure ideas that are back in fashion

Naturalness continues to be the main trend in manicure, but some trends of past years are gradually returning to fashion. One of them is the sharp shape of the nails. This design option is the choice for bold and bright women who want to get the maximum attention of others.

Who is the sharp shape of the nails suitable for?

The specific edge of the plates is recommended for girls who are not burdened with a lot of homework. Contact with hot water, cleaning agents and mechanical stress lead to breaking off of the thin tip and the appearance of cracks in the area of ​​the side bolsters. Sharp nails are not the most practical type of manicure. It is better to wear them to parties, special occasions or themed photo shoots.

Who is the acute form of the nails depends on other factors:

  1. Thickness and length of fingers, hands. Plump arms look even more massive with the design in question.
  2. Cuticle outline. The neater and more elongated the “silhouette” of the stock, the sharper the ends can be.
  3. Nail width. It is undesirable to saw down very narrow plates in the presented way.

How to make sharp nail shape?

To perform the desired type of manicure, sufficient length is required, at least 5 mm from the edge of the fingertip. The sharp shape of the nails is combined with different cut options, they need to be selected in accordance with the fullness of the hands, the outlines of the cuticle:

  • almond;
  • square (pointe shoes);
  • triangle (stylet, peak).

For any design you will need tools:

  • manicure scissors or tongs;
  • several files of different grain size;
  • polishing buff.

Sharp almond nail shape

The creation of the described version of the manicure requires an impressive length of the plates or their extension. Sharp nails should be devoid of angularity and repeat the shape of an almond. The tip is 1.5 times longer than the bed, tapering and rounding towards the free edge.

How to make an acute almond nail shape:

  1. With a file, process the side sections of the plate, placing it at an angle of about 75 degrees to the center of the free edge. The granular surface must be applied to the lowest part of the nail, where it “comes out” of the roller. The optimal type of file is 150/220 grit.
  2. Slightly sharpen and round the tip of the plate, achieving smooth transitions.
  3. Polish the surface and remove defects with a buff.

Sharp almond nail shape

Sharp square nail shape

Filing the design in question is similar to almond-shaped plates, but much easier.

Beautiful sharp pointe or ballerina nails are created using a similar technique:

  1. Symmetrically process the plates on the sides, narrowing them to the free edge. The saw should not be moved in a straight line, but along a wide arc. This will help to give the nails a rounded shape on the sides, like pointe shoes.
  2. File the end of the plate perpendicular to the finger. The free edge should be sharp and even, with clear corners.
  3. Perform surface polishing.

Sharp square nail shape

Sharp triangle nail shape

Stilettos and peaks are the most extreme manicure options, which are mainly done “on the way out”. Beautiful sharp-shaped nails look very extravagant and spectacular, especially in combination with bright nail art. They are fragile, prone to breakage at the slightest mechanical stress.

How to make sharp triangular nails:

  1. Mentally or with a pencil mark the center of the free edge of the plate.
  2. Symmetrically file the side parts of the nail towards the selected point.
  3. It is easy to run the file along the tip several times without trying to round it too much.
  4. Polish treated surfaces.

Sharp triangle nail shape

Manicure for sharp nails

Non-standard design requires unusual nail art, emphasizing the predatory and sexuality of the image. More often, masters offer a bright, rich or dark manicure, the sharp shape of the nails favors bold color schemes. Any ways of decorating plates will go well with the presented design:

  • rhinestones;
  • beads;
  • metal decor;
  • volumetric figures;
  • broths;
  • rubbing and glitter;
  • lace;
  • foil;
  • velvet sand and other accessories.

Manicure for long sharp nails

The large area of ​​the plates allows the master to create a unique and vibrant nail art. It is better not to overload natural long sharp nails with an abundance of heavy and massive decor, so as not to provoke cracking and breaking off. The best manicure options in such cases:

  • monochromatic coating;
  • rubbing;
  • animal prints;
  • geometric patterns;
  • flower drawings;
  • lunar design;
  • french gel polish;
  • broken glass;
  • nail art with negative space and others.

Extended sharp nails are thicker and stronger, they can withstand complex designs:

  • 3D gel drawings;
  • modeling;
  • metal elements;
  • artificial stones, rhinestones, pearls;
  • manicure plates (mica);
  • broths;
  • melange;
  • volumetric acrylic figures and similar decorations.

Manicure for long sharp nailsManicure for long sharp nailsManicure for long sharp nails threeManicure for long sharp nails fourManicure for long sharp nails fiveManicure for long sharp nails six

Manicure for short sharp nails

Medium length with a narrow free edge of the plates is more resistant to damage and chipping. Short sharp nails also look spectacular and sexy, but not so extravagant. The design with a moderate length of the plates is suitable for both evening looks and everyday life. The trend is short red sharp nails, but other rich colors are also popular:

  • burgundy;
  • Marsala;
  • violet;
  • scarlet;
  • terracotta;
  • wine.

Nail art on short and sharp nails should not be pretentious. Manicurists advise to focus on 1-2 fingers, decorating them with a suitable decor:

  • small rhinestones;
  • drawings;
  • rubbing;
  • velvet sand;
  • foil and the like.

Manicure for short sharp nailsManicure for short sharp nails twoManicure for short sharp nails threeManicure for short sharp nails fourManicure for short sharp nails fiveManicure for short sharp nails six

Pointy nail design, novelties

In nail art, new techniques for creating manicure and unusual options for decorating it are constantly appearing. The modern design of sharp nails combines both very sophisticated coating methods and timeless classics. For everyday wear, it is better to choose a simple and elegant design of the plates in discreet shades, for example, a jacket. Sharp nails in rich or deep dark colors will help to complement the evening look. They are easy to decorate with different shiny elements and materials.

Drawings on sharp nails

In the early stages of the development of nail art, the most sought after patterns were flowers, especially roses. In modern times, they no longer decorate the sharp shape of nails, the design of progressive masters includes:

  • imitation of artificial and natural textures;
  • ethnic ornaments (mandalas, embroidered shirts and similar);
  • animal prints;
  • abstraction;
  • geometric figures;
  • minimalism;
  • origami (sweep);
  • coinage and other types.

In summer, contrasting combinations in patterns are especially in demand, for example, blue-white, brown-turquoise, red-black sharp nails. You can not only make beautiful drawings on them, but also decorate with plastic and metal parts, rhinestones of different sizes, pearls, broken glass plates and similar accessories. Sharp nails look even more impressive with them, the photos below show several design options. It is not necessary to dwell on existing designs, if you have imagination, it is better to create your own unique nail art.

Drawings on sharp nailsDrawings on sharp nails twoDrawings on sharp nails threeDrawings on sharp nails fourDrawings on sharp nails fiveDrawings on sharp nails six

French on sharp nails

The classic type of this manicure looks stylish on any shape of plates. He will also decorate fashionable sharp nails, regardless of their length and the way the free edge was washed down. In addition to the standard French nail art, there are many original variations of its implementation. The design of sharp French nails can be varied with the following decor:

  • emphasis on one finger;
  • three-dimensional drawings, modeling;
  • rubbing;
  • rhinestones, plastic pearls;
  • gradient transitions;
  • combination of matte and glossy finish;
  • manicure foil, mica;
  • patterns, prints on the free end of the nails;
  • velvet sand;
  • and other accessories.

French on sharp nailsFrench on sharp nails twoFrench on sharp nails threeFrench on sharp nails fourFrench on sharp nails fiveFrench on sharp nails sixhttps://www.youtube.com/watch?v=UQ4WxHr9DMk