plump lips

Beauty standards change from year to year, but it is generally accepted that it is the effect of plump lips that is unshakably the highlight that attracts men in the female appearance. Nature has not rewarded every lady with seductive lips, so today we will look at how to make lips plump without harming health.

Risky Methods

Among the costly and obviously unsafe ways to increase the volume of the lips are surgery and contouring. In the first case, serious aesthetic defects resulting from an injury can be corrected. If the patient is simply not satisfied with the shape or asymmetry of the lips, their contour and the location of the corners, then all this is eliminated with the help of injections or implants.

As a means to be injected into the lips, use the so-called. fillers. They can be collagen, adipose tissue, hyaluronic acid and other chemicals. By the way, even the ancient Egyptians smeared their lips with snake venom to give them more volume.

Ladies who are skeptical about their appearance should be aware of the risks before getting fuller lips with plastic surgery methods. The result may not meet expectations, and then the reflection in the mirror will upset even more.

How to make lips plump at home?

If there is neither the means nor the desire to go under the knife (or rather, under the needle), then physical exercises will help to tighten the muscles that frame the lips:

  1. We blow out the candles on an imaginary cake – we take more air into our mouths and slowly blow it out, straining our lips.
  2. We inhale deeply, and then exhale in jerks, pronouncing short sounds “p”.
  3. We squeeze our lips tightly and break into a smile. We hold them in this position for 10 seconds, and then we pull them out with a tube.
  4. We stretch our lips forward and try to touch them to the tip of the nose.
  5. We expressively pronounce all the vowels in turn, rounding the mouth.

Such simple exercises are repeated 10-15 times daily. Oddly enough, it helps to make lips plumper at home with a minimum of effort.

Another way – biting the lips for 10 – 15 minutes – this increases blood circulation, and visually increases their volume.

Lip tattoo

Permanent make-up or tattooing will help to visually enlarge the lips and relieve a woman of the need to contour and color them daily: pigment is injected into the layers of the skin with a special machine, which lasts for several years. Before starting the procedure, you need to discuss with the master the expectations from her and choose the option that will visually make the lips plump. A tattoo with a bright contour around the lips will require the lady to constantly apply lipstick, because. it doesn’t look very natural on its own. A contour with smooth shading looks more natural: after such a permanent make-up, a transparent gloss will be enough for the effect of plump lips.

Makeup for visual enlargement of the lips

To make plump lips with a make-up, you will need a pencil to match the lipstick or a little darker, as well as the lipstick itself, a light pencil and gloss:

  1. The contour of the lips is outlined with a pencil or a sharp tip of lipstick, slightly going beyond the natural outlines of the lips.
  2. how to make lips plump 1

  3. We apply a thin layer of lipstick on the lips, and then remove the excess with a napkin so that the shade is barely noticeable.
  4. how to make lips plump 2

  5. With a flesh-colored pencil, several tones lighter than the color of the skin, we draw a contrasting line at the top and bottom above and below the traced contour.
  6. how to make lips plump 3

  7. Color the center of the lips with gloss.
  8. how to make lips plump 4

It is worth noting that to increase the volume, you should use light lipsticks and more shine. But for ladies who naturally have plump lips, painting them, as a rule, is more appropriate with matte lipsticks in dark tones – this technique allows you to visually reduce the volume.