pimple on lip

Many do not consider the appearance of acne on the face, in particular on the lips, a serious problem. At the same time, their education can cause discomfort and a lot of trouble. So, for example, a pimple on the lip will definitely spoil the image. In addition, it is painful, especially during a conversation or eating. And if it is also damaged, then the infection can spread throughout the face. Therefore, it is better to start acne treatment on time.

Causes of acne on the lips

clogged pores

White small dots can appear as a result of clogging of the skin pores near the lips. For treatment, appropriate pharmacy products or natural masks prepared at home are used. There are a lot of them – for each type of skin, a recipe is selected.

Allergic reaction to cosmetics

In this case, rashes under or above the lips may not appear immediately. The so-called allergens accumulate in the skin, and after a while they make themselves felt with a rash.

Predisposition to acne

Changes in climate, weather, face care products can trigger the appearance of acne in the mouth. Even stress or small changes in diet can be the cause.


One of the most common problems for the appearance of purulent acne on the lip today is the herpes virus. It can hide in the human body until the moment when favorable conditions are created for its manifestation. Basically, it is activated after an illness, when natural immunity decreases. An important role is also played by overwork or hypothermia. If it is known about the presence of the herpes virus in the body, it is advisable to constantly take immunomodulators.


It can cause quite serious damage to the lips and the surrounding area. White pimples appear on the inside of the lip, tongue and mouth. If delayed with treatment, such acne leads to the formation of very painful ulcers – aphthae. There are many reasons for the development of stomatitis, they are mainly associated with internal diseases. Endocrine problems, infections, or allergies can also cause acne to form inside the mouth. In some cases, even burns and mechanical damage led to the development of stomatitis.

Pimple on the lip – what to do?

Any treatment, whether it be a minor inflammation or a serious infection, is best left to specialists. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to go to doctors for qualified care. There are several basic problems that can still be removed at home.

The first thing to note is that if a pimple appears on the lower lip, in no case should it be masked with lipstick, gloss and other cosmetics – this will only aggravate the situation. Ideally, you should leave everything as it is, and wipe the damaged area with alcohol, tea tree oil, or calendula tincture for several days. After a couple of days, everything should pass by itself.

To remove a ripe pimple, you first need to steam the skin over a hot bath – this will make the process less painful. acne on lips causesAfter the inside of the blackhead is removed, it is necessary to treat the affected area with alcohol or tincture. If such funds were not nearby, a simple lotion or toilet water will save the situation.

To combat herpes, special pharmaceutical products are used. Most often – ointments. Wiping the inflamed area with medical alcohol, calendula or propolis has proven itself well. Means do not allow the disease to spread and accelerate the healing process. For the treatment of stomatitis, it is recommended to use special antiseptic preparations.