Permanent lip makeup

High-quality permanent lip makeup will greatly facilitate the life of its owner and save precious time for self-care.

Permanent Makeup Technique

Lip tattooing methods differ depending on the goals:

  1. Correction of congenital or acquired defects and assmietria.
  2. Increasing the size of the lips.
  3. Giving a permanent color.
  4. Restoring or emphasizing the natural form.

In accordance with the wishes of the client, pigments for permanent makeup are selected, which can be close to the natural color or radically different from it.

When choosing a master to perform a tattoo, you must make sure of his qualifications and professionalism. You should not save on yourself, because such consequences of unsuccessful permanent makeup as infection of the skin of the lips and scarring of damaged tissue are very difficult to correct. You should also pay attention to the equipment in the cabin and the quality of the coloring pigments. If it is low, the color of the applied tattoo may eventually begin to fade in spots or change to a completely different one. This will require expensive removal of permanent makeup and a long period of skin healing.

Proper care and care for the skin of the lips after pigmentation tattooing will ensure its long service life – about 3 years. Do not forget to do the correction in time, preferably by the same specialist who did the primary permanent makeup.

Types of lip tattoo:

  1. Contour permanent makeup. It is used if the own contour of the lips is fuzzy. Pigmentation is done in a very thin line with a precisely matched shade to the natural color of the lips. Drawing is carried out strictly along the existing contour, without magnification.
  2. Permanent lip makeup 3D.Several shades of pigments are selected in dark and light colors. Tattooing is performed with a drawing of light highlights in the middle part of the lips, which gives them volume and juiciness. Using this technique, you can significantly increase the lips and visually make them fuller.
  3. Natural permanent lip makeup. Pigments for permanent makeup are selected to match the natural color of the lips or slightly brighter. First, a contour tattoo is applied without significant changes in shape. Then the skin of the lips is filled with the same color, which allows you to achieve maximum naturalness. The method is well suited for eliminating age-related changes and minor defects on the lips.
  4. Permanent lip makeup with shading. A universal way for serious correction of the shape and volume of the lips. Shading can be performed both over the entire surface of the skin, and along the contour line. In this case, the color is chosen exclusively at the request of the client and is often very different from the natural shade.

It is not difficult to choose the best type of permanent makeup for yourself. It is enough to pay attention to the shape and proportions of the face, consult a beautician about this. Despite the recent fashion for full lips, you need to choose the shape and size that suits you and looks natural.

Permanent lip makeup – contraindications:

  • pregnancy;
  • lactation period;
  • permanent lip makeup with shading

  • exacerbation of inflammatory diseases;
  • diabetes;
  • blood diseases;
  • hepatitis;
  • blood incoagulability;
  • premenstrual syndrome and the beginning of the cycle;
  • prone to allergic reactions.

Permanent makeup at home is strictly contraindicated. This procedure should be carried out by an experienced master in a specialized sterile room and disposable instruments.