ointment for bruises under the eyes

Bruises under the eyes are a sign of fatigue, lack of sleep, alcohol abuse. Bluish bruises that do not go away for a long time indicate that a person has problems with blood vessels: either their walls are extremely thin, or blood stasis has occurred as a result of low vascular patency. Brown persistent bruising occurs due to hyperpigmentation.

In each case, an ointment from bruises under the eyes is needed, which has a directed effect. Find out what advice experts give about getting rid of bruises.

Ointments for bruises and swelling under the eyes

If the cause of circles under the eyes is excessive pigmentation, then whitening creams should be used. Currently, there are quite a few creams on the market with a brightening effect that are non-aggressive on the skin of the face. Beauticians recommend giving preference to creams, which include fruit acids and vitamin A (retinol). It should be borne in mind that retinol creams are best used before bed at night, as this substance is destroyed by ultraviolet radiation. We note the most effective night creams and gels with a whitening effect:

  • Wish, Christina;
  • Estee Lauder Advanced Night Repair Eye;
  • Korres SPF6;
  • Clinique;
  • Mavala (for young women);
  • Visible Results L’Oreal;
  • “Caffeine Roller” by Garner (roll-on gel).

In order to strengthen weakened capillaries, systemic treatment of the cardiovascular system is required. In parallel, creams with substances that help strengthen blood vessels and thicken the skin are used. Creams containing vitamins K, C and A (retinol), antioxidants and ceramides have these qualities. Good reviews receive funds that strengthen blood vessels:

  • Lioton – a cream for the prevention of varicose veins, but successfully used to eliminate bruises under the eyes;
  • Postopix – professional cosmetic cream;
  • ointment for bruises and swelling under the eyes

  • gel Bodyaga FORTE – a drug that eliminates congestion and pigmentation;
  • Sinyakoff – a gel that has a therapeutic and cosmetic effect;
  • ointment and gel Hematrombin;
  • Avon Anew Alternative – rejuvenating phyto cream (for women after 35 years).

Heparin ointment for hemorrhoids also helps to get rid of bruises under the eyes, but it should be borne in mind that this drug is a medicinal, not a cosmetic product, which has many contraindications. So, Heparin ointment should not be used by people with blood diseases.