New school tattoo

A tattoo is an original way of self-expression, which today is simply enormously popular. Tattoos do everything – from small to large. Someone is impressed by modest miniature, but insanely symbolic inscriptions (which, by the way, many masters frankly dislike), and someone is crazy about modern tattoo styles.

New school tattoos

Gone are the days when a tattoo could only be black and white and painfully simple. Modern man seeks to demonstrate his individuality in all sorts of ways. A bright and eye-catching tattoo seems to be the best way to cope with this task.

New school tattoos began to appear relatively recently. Presumably, a new trend appeared simultaneously with the development of the rave movement, which was gaining popularity in the mid-eighties. All the advantages of the new style were quickly appreciated by tattoo fans from all over the world.

The main difference between a new school tattoo is the absence of any restrictions. That is, the brighter and more intricate the picture, the cooler it will look. When designing new school tattoos, the use of abstract elements and the addition of humorous notes are encouraged. Simply put, the master can let his imagination run wild and not worry about where it might lead.

In sketches of new school tattoos, you can most often find the following elements:

  • female faces, profiles;
  • birds (most often crows or owls);
  • watch;
  • angels;
  • skulls;
  • flowers;
  • crosses;
  • tongues of flame.

Very often, new school tattoos use the symbolism of secret societies. This makes the drawing more mysterious and unusual.

Different categories of new school tattoo styles

All new school tattoos can be conditionally divided into several main categories:

  1. acid or ecstasy. From the name of the category alone, you can understand that tattoos of this style will undoubtedly catch the eye. They look very original. Although they seem incomprehensible to many, they necessarily have an encrypted meaning.
  2. In tattoos in style cyber punk often the main characters are mutant heroes of computer games.
  3. Tattoo sketches in style wild new school necessarily contain something like graffiti fonts.
  4. New Tradition – style for lovers of cartoon characters. This category also includes tattoos with animals and surreal pictures.