moisturizing hand cream

Hand cream is a cosmetic product that should be used daily to maintain the normal condition of the skin in this most vulnerable area, which is exposed to many negative factors. There are several varieties of hand creams, differing in composition and properties. The most common and sought after is a moisturizing hand cream.

Moisturizing cream for the skin of the hands relieves the feeling of dryness, gives elasticity, helps maintain the balance of moisture in the tissues. This tool has a light texture, mostly composed of water, so it is perfectly distributed on the skin, quickly absorbed, without leaving an unpleasant film. It is recommended to use it several times during the day as needed.

Good moisturizer for hands

When choosing a cream in a store, you should pay attention to its composition, expiration date, and convenience of packaging. Useful components in its composition are: glycerin, hyaluronic acid, natural oils, plant extracts, vitamins. It is impossible to say unequivocally which of the means is better, which is worse – it depends on subjective feelings. If, after applying a moisturizer, you feel comfort that lasts for a long time, the skin looks smooth and well-groomed, we can assume that the cream was chosen successfully.

Here are a few names of moisturizing hand creams that have a lot of good reviews:

  • Aqua Intensive Hands by Hirudo Derm;
  • “Intensive moisturizing” from the “Clean Line”;
  • “Express hydration” from NIVEA;
  • “Wild Arctic Rose” by Natura Siberica;
  • Hand Cream Concentrated Hand Care by Neutrogena.

Moisturizing hand cream at home


  • emulsion wax – a quarter cup;
  • water – a quarter of a glass;
  • rosehip oil – a quarter cup;
  • essential lavender oil – 20-25 drops.


Combine wax and rosehip oil, place in a water bath, heat and mix. Add water and essential oil.