Mineral powder

Mineral powder has gained popularity among the fair sex, not only because of the excellent masking effect, but also due to its healing properties. Mineral powder is also ideal for problem skin, it has a healing effect on acne, prevents the aging process, and maintains the normal water balance of the epithelium. There is both loose and compact mineral powder, and it is noted that both types are quite economical, because due to the consistency of the powder, its consumption, even with oily problem skin, is much less than when using ordinary decorative cosmetics. However, the popularity of mineral cosmetics has led many companies to use mineral supplements in combination with synthetic and chemical materials, making it difficult to distinguish between real mineral makeup and conventional cosmetics containing minerals. Negative reviews about mineral powder are associated with this, since chemical components negate all the advantages of natural minerals. To avoid fakes, you need to carefully study the composition of the mineral powder. It is worth noting that high-quality cosmetics containing minerals and synthetic ingredients in their composition also have a number of advantages over conventional cosmetics, but, of course, are inferior in many respects to cosmetics consisting exclusively of natural ingredients.

How to choose mineral powder?

You can buy mineral powder at a price of 18 USD. up to 100 USD At the same time, completely natural powder is more expensive, from 40-50 USD, due to the high cost of the components that make up its composition. Some companies produce mineral powder from high quality synthetic materials, which retains the advantages of natural powder, while reducing the cost of its production, and therefore the cost of cosmetics. Cheaper cosmetics, in addition to minerals, contain chemical fillers or low-quality natural ingredients that affect the healing properties of the powder.

  1. Jane Iredale, Raw Natural Beauty, ID Bare Minerals and gloMinerals offer cosmetic preparations consisting exclusively of minerals. Natural mineral powder may include precious components (diamond, aquamarine, amethyst) that have an anti-aging effect and improve masking qualities. It is noted that when using real mineral powder, the skin is cleansed, rashes disappear, the risk of irritation or allergic reactions is practically reduced to zero. Such powder can not even be removed from the face at night, as it provides oxygen access to the skin, promotes cell regeneration, improves blood circulation and at the same time has a protective effect.
  2. Mineral powder Vichy and Clinique combine healing and masking properties, do not contain harmful components. But based on reviews, Vichy mineral powder is not suitable for all skin types, while Clinic is suitable for both oily and dry skin.
  3. Mineral powder Max Factor, Mary Kay, L’OREAL are not considered natural due to their composition. So, for example, L’OREAL Alliance Perfect mineral powder contains talc, which, although it is a natural mineral, has a number of side effects, can cause irritation, and clog skin pores. The presence of such ingredients in the composition is due to conflicting reviews about the mineral powder Loreal, Max Factor, and other firms similar in product quality.
  4. mary kay mineral powder

Useful components of this mineral powder are titanium dioxide, zinc oxide, iron oxide, mica, boron nitride, aluminosilicates, quartz, kaolin. The content of diamond powder, amethyst, malachite, rhodochrosite and other minerals also improves the quality of the powder.

If the composition contains talc, fragrance, alcohol, silicone, preservatives, parabens, sulfates, dyes, wax, then this indicates an unnatural product.

To achieve the best result, you need to choose the right brush for the powder, as well as learn how to apply the powder correctly. Real mineral powder darkens a little when interacting with oxygen, so you need to choose a shade that is lighter. Considering all these nuances, and choosing natural cosmetics, the effect will not be long in coming and the result will be beautiful smooth skin, not only with powder, but without it.