mimic wrinkles

As you know, any emotion that appears on our face can subsequently leave a trace. Of course, mimic wrinkles do not appear instantly – this process can take several years or even decades, if you properly care for your face.

How to get rid of mimic wrinkles?

If you laugh a lot, then over time you will have small wrinkles in the corners, and you are overcome by constant stress, then the furrows between the eyebrows are provided to you. At a young age, the lines can smooth out as soon as you relax the muscles, but as you age, the marks from wrinkles only get deeper. Ecology, metabolic disorders and too frequent use of decorative cosmetics, which dries the skin, also play a large role in the formation of wrinkles. Therefore, it is very important to properly care for the skin, moisturize it and lead a healthy lifestyle. Modern cosmetology offers a variety of options for how to remove facial wrinkles:

  • special masks;
  • massages;
  • gymnastics for the face;
  • contour plastic;
  • botox;
  • lifting and more.

You can fight wrinkles in one of the above ways, and best of all, if they work in combination.

Mimic wrinkles on the forehead

When wrinkles appear on the forehead, special exercises should be carried out aimed at smoothing and relaxing the muscles. It can be light tapping, stroking and small pinching in the forehead. Massage procedures can be carried out with your hands or a tablespoon, which is moistened with olive oil. To improve the effectiveness of gymnastics and massage, a special compress should be applied to the skin, prepared as follows:

  1. Brew one tablespoon of mint with a glass of boiling water.
  2. Insist for half an hour.
  3. Moisten gauze or bandage with decoction and apply for five minutes.

After this compress, you can massage or apply a mask.

Expression wrinkles between the eyebrows can also be smoothed out with these procedures and the use of the following mask:

    mimic wrinkles how to remove

  1. Mash a few strawberries.
  2. Add a teaspoon of honey and vegetable oil, as well as a little chamomile decoction.
  3. Apply the mixture to the area between the eyebrows and forehead for 20 minutes
  4. Rinse off with a cotton swab dipped in milk.

Mimic wrinkles around the mouth

To remove these wrinkles and folds, you should do special gymnastics, which consists in a kind of antics in front of a mirror. You should clearly pronounce the letters with articulation, stretch your lips, tightly squeeze and unclench them. Such gymnastics is done for 10-15 minutes. To get the effect, it should be done every day.