mehendi on the neck

Henna painting, which has recently gained wide popularity, allows you to cover any part of the body with intricate patterns. But this way of decorating the skin is intended not only to attract attention. The shape and place of the drawing has a deep meaning. Of particular importance is the mehendi on the neck, since it is this part of the body that is considered in Indian culture to be one of the most important mystical centers of a woman.

What does a mehendi tattoo on the neck mean?

There are several versions of the sacred meaning of applying henna patterns on the neck:

  1. Demonstration that a woman has hidden secrets. In ancient times, it was believed that complex images in the area under consideration indicate that a person is endowed with important and inaccessible other mystical knowledge. The continuation of the mehendi on the neck from the side down, on the back and arms, indicates the protection of the owner of the tattoo from the evil eye and surrounding ill-wishers, intellectual superiority over them.
  2. Attract love and good luck. A thin graceful neck, keys and upper chest have long been considered one of the most attractive and sexy female body parts. Therefore, mehendi patterns on the neck can symbolize the desire to find true love, a new sensory experience, and they also have a certain erotic connotation.
  3. Inner strength. Temporary henna tattoos in the described area speak of a strong character, stamina, courage and courage. At the same time, they are a kind of warning that their owner is not susceptible to negative external influences.

What pictures should be chosen for mehendi on the neck?

Usually women pick up a pattern that they just like visually. But each image has a special deep meaning:

  • octagon – reliable protection;
  • grape vine – devotion;
  • disk – chastity;
  • grain – abundance;
  • five-pointed star – a set of elements;
  • six-pointed star – harmony between a man and a woman;
  • square – honesty, constancy;
  • cross – connection with the heavenly beginning;
  • circle – life;
  • creepers, climbing flowers – perseverance, determination;
  • swan – successful undertakings;
  • moon, month – divine beauty;
  • bow with arrow – happiness in marriage;
  • shell, spiral – victory;
  • points – love for her husband;
  • rose – virgin purity;
  • sun – knowledge, immortality;
  • fish, peacock – erotic desires, passion;
  • trident – maternal, feminine;
  • lotus flower – good luck;
  • a drop – musical talent, creative nature;
  • curved curled lines – career success;
  • any flowers are the birth of a new life.

How to choose sketches of mehendi on the neck?

If you want to make a meaningful drawing with meaning, you can combine several of the symbols described above. If this is not important, just ask the master to apply the tattoo you like, or make a sketch yourself.