Matt lipstick

You can find lipstick in every woman’s makeup bag. And if earlier fashionistas preferred to make the logical conclusion of the image with the help of mother-of-pearl or glossy shades, today matte lipstick is at the peak of fashion.

How good is matte lipstick?

The main advantage of matte lipstick is versatility. Unlike mother-of-pearl and glossy, matte lips are appropriate in any situation, suitable for almost any clothes and make-up. The advantages of such cosmetics can also be attributed to its dense structure and even color, which is provided by a high percentage of powder in its composition.

Also matte lipstick:

  • ideal for daytime make-up, as it is stable and does not need to be touched up every hour;
  • beautifully emphasizes the white color of the teeth;
  • enriched with vitamins and nutritional supplements.

The only drawback of this lipstick is the dryness it creates on the lips, which can make their appearance slightly worse. But, if when buying you pay attention to the composition of matte lipstick, you can avoid unpleasant consequences: it should contain the same amount of fatty components as in regular lipstick.

Choosing a Matte Lipstick

Matte series of lipsticks are now in the lines of many brands. The most famous example is MAC matte. It is her products that most makeup artists use at modern fashion weeks. They appreciate it first of all for the beautiful red shade of Ruby Woo matte lipstick. It is best applied with a fingertip or a brush, so if you prefer to paint your lips only from a tube, then NARS Matte Lipstick is more suitable for you. This brand spoils the fair sex with a wide range of colors, but the nude matte lipstick exceeded all expectations: you will get both beautiful color and hydration on the lips.

Lovers of luxury class and supporters of natural light matte lipsticks should definitely try Chantecaille Lip Matte products. They have a creamy texture, but it takes very little time for it to dry out and turn into a velvet finish.

Liquid matte lipsticks are more popular than dry ones, but remember that Inglot and MUFE dry loose pigments are more compact and can also be used as eyeshadow.

Matte lipstick shade palette

There are several basic rules that will help you choose the right lipstick color:

  1. Do not forget that matte burgundy lipstick does not look beautiful on any lips. So, it is absolutely not suitable for owners of narrow, thin lips, who need to visually add volume.
  2. Pink matte lipstick is perfect for young tanned young beauties.
  3. Girls with snow-white skin are best to use matte beige lipstick.
  4. For adult women and those who prefer smokey eyes makeup, stylists recommend using glossy lipsticks.
  5. Also, when choosing a bright matte lipstick, give up blue and green shadows, as this combination looks vulgar.

How to apply matte lipstick?

Bright or pale matte lipstick is applied differently than usual. Use it by following a special procedure:

  • pre-make a lip mask or use a cosmetic balm to remove all imperfections on the lips;
  • be sure to apply a moisturizing base;
  • Matte lipstick

  • circle the contour of the lips with a pencil;
  • if you have a bright matte lipstick, then you need to apply the first layer, lightly powder the lips and paint over the second time;
  • blot your lips with a tissue.

How to make lipstick matte?

Do you want to achieve a matte color effect, but have not yet purchased such a lipstick? Don’t be upset. There is a way to make lipstick matte. Make up your lips with regular lipstick, blot your lips with a thin napkin and powder them liberally through the same napkin.