makeup for blue eyes

Blue eye color is quite common, and the owners of such eyes are very lucky. The thing is that choosing makeup for blue eyes is quite simple. Proper makeup for blue eyes involves, first of all, the correct selection of the color of the shadows. Once you find yours, it will bring out the blueness and brightness of the eyes.

Here are some tips on how to make makeup for light blue eyes so that it looks harmonious and beautiful:

  • Try to use two or three colors when applying makeup. Thus, the eyes will appear brighter and deeper.
  • Smooth transitions from light to dark will look very impressive.
  • Try to lighten the brow area a little. This can be done with a highlighter or pearlescent shadows. This will give a fresh look.

Natural makeup for blue eyes

Natural makeup for blue eyes is best done in a light range of shadows. Silver shades will look great. You can apply shadows to the entire surface of the moving eyelid. You can just draw a neat line. Complete the makeup with a brown outline and apply mascara, preferably brown.

Pale pink and golden shadows are great for blue eyes. These colors visually “illuminate” the eyes and make them deep and bright. Makeup for blue eyes will look great if you use two or three shades and make transitions from light to dark.

Here is an example step by step makeup for blue eyes:

  • before applying shadows, be sure to pay attention to the skin around the eyes, because blue eyes are very light and dark circles or redness can spoil the whole picture;
  • apply silver shadows on the entire upper eyelid, use the same shade for the area under the eyebrows;
  • apply lavender shades on the moving eyelid, the transition should be smooth;
  • draw a “tick” with a purple tint from the middle of the moving eyelid to the outer corner of the eye, follow the shading so that the transition is not visible;
  • if you want to make your makeup brighter, you can draw a contour with a black or dark gray pencil;
  • apply a layer of mascara to your lashes.

This makeup can be changed a little. Instead of purple, try using pink or turquoise shades, silver can be replaced with pearl or beige. The beauty is that almost all shades go with blue eyes, you just need to choose them correctly.

Holiday makeup for blue eyes

You can make a bright evening festive makeup in blue tones. This color will make the eyes look deeper. It is important to choose the color in such a way that it does not overlap the natural color of the eyes, but enhances it. Makeup for blue eyes with purple shadows will look very impressive. You can play on the contrast of colors and pick up shades of fuchsia and hot pink shades. This is somewhat bold, but most likely, the result will please you.

Try to apply makeup in golden-lilac tones. This option is not suitable only if the eyelids are slightly swollen by nature. How to perform the right makeup for blue eyes in this color scheme:

  • line the lower eyelid with a white eyeliner;
  • on the entire moving eyelid and the area under the eyebrows we apply golden shadows, it is possible with mother of pearl;
  • apply soft purple shadows, starting from the outer corner of the eye and up to the eyebrows;
  • bring the lower eyelid with purple shadows;
  • makeup for light blue eyes

  • apply this shade in such a way that the area with golden shadows is not blocked;
  • now apply a more saturated shade of purple to the outer corner of the eye;
  • line your eyes with a black pencil;
  • you can make the look mysterious by using false eyelashes (brown);
  • if false eyelashes are not supposed to be used, apply brown mascara in several layers, black mascara for blue eyes will look sharp.