makeup for blue eyes and brown hair

Blue eyes are incredibly deep. Sometimes it really seems that looking into them, you can drown. The right makeup for blue eyes and blond hair will help make the look more saturated and attractive. The main thing is to choose the right shades.

Makeup shades suitable for girls with blue eyes and blond hair

To make the eyes look spectacular, makeup artists recommend using the following tones for everyday makeup:

  • pearl mother-of-pearl;
  • pastel lavender;
  • creamy;
  • light beige;
  • taupe;
  • champagne.

Contrasting shades look good in evening make-up for women with blue eyes and light blond hair:

  • mocha;
  • steel;
  • silver;
  • plum;
  • lilac;
  • marsh;
  • violet;
  • apricot;
  • warm grey;
  • Orange;
  • yellow;
  • pale pink.

It is believed that golden shadows are suitable for any eye color. But some shades of blue look rough because of them. Ideal in make-up for fair-haired ladies with gray-blue eyes, gold is in harmony with dark or well-tanned skin. On a light face, golden shadows create the effect of too bright highlighting, which does not look very aesthetically pleasing.

Makeup for light brown hair and different shades of blue eyes

  1. Medium blue is best combined with light shades. If you want to darken your eyes, it is best to do this only from the outside and along the lash line.
  2. With blue, saturated shades look best.
  3. For owners of light blue eyes, makeup artists strongly recommend paying attention to soft colors and learning how to make retro-style arrows.
  4. Gray-blue eyes can change color depending on the weather, outfits and even the mood of their owner. Therefore, shades are best chosen for clothes. Or, with the help of the latter, change the color of the eyes.